EU Russia sanctions close in on finance, trade, av

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EU Russia sanctions close in on finance, trade, aviationshowFullBleedOnMobile, media - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Russia’s military advance across Ukraine has galvanized global public opinion to the point that timid EU governments and the Brussels bureaucracy have been forced to remove their blinders and make far-reaching sanctions decisions that only three or four days ago were considered totally impossiblethe faith in God will overcom. Within the EU, fear of the political costs of being seen as sitting by and doing little in the face of the Russian invasion of Eastern Europe’s largest independent country has apparently tipped the balance.

EU internal sanctions resistance passes the capitulation point

Thanks in part to extensive media coverage of civilian casualties and mounting refugee flows as well as a tight social media focus and public demonstrations, highly complex sanctions decisions worth billions of Euros have been reduced to the crudest level of campaign slogans, which unexpectedly if not miraculously forced most fence-sitting EU governments to reverse course practically overnight (February 25-26) and fall in line behind their more energetic US and UK counterparts in activating ever tougher sanctions measures, including approval of the exclusion of some Russian banks from the SWIFT banking communications networkJackson said, flight bans and applying sanctions to Russian’s ally Belarus.

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