Liebherr ltm123051 crane by Germany Branch

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Liebherr LTM 12305.1 crane is recognized by customers in Cologne, Germany

[exclusive compilation of Chinese pavement machinery] recently, Yvonne Schmitz, general manager of hkv group headquartered in Cologne, Germany, visited Liebherr's factory in ehingen and received a new LTM 1 mobile crane. The 230 ton crane provides great power for high-altitude operation

we only use Liebherr mobile cranes. Yvonne Schmitz said that the new 230 ton crane is a perfect complement to our fleet. It will replace a six axle 250 ton crane. One of the main factors that decided to buy this crane was its powerful, super long 75m boom -- and all of it used a five axle chassis. Hkv Schmitz will mainly use this new crane to install tower cranes and work in chemical plants

LTM . The variobase and varioballast technology functions on 1 are very convenient for daily practical use, Ms. Schmitz said. Due to transportation, the verification certificate issued by the verification institution will also have an obvious period of validity mark. The ballast transported is less, more economical and more flexible, especially in narrow sites, which is very useful for daily use. This 230 ton crane is the first crane to use variobase plus - asymmetric support base, which produces higher lifting capacity at the rear of the crane

hkv group has 48 employees and 26 Liebherr cranes. The flagship model of the fleet is the LR 1500 crawler crane. In addition to crane work, this family owned business, founded in 1995, also provides heavy-duty transportation, installation and project planning services with inaccurate hardness values

medium 5 Permanent deformation: after removing the load, please indicate the source


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