Analysis of domestic plastic market on December 1s

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On December 1st, 2016, the domestic plastic market analysis summary

the polyether polyol unit with an annual output of about 15000 tons and the small paint raw material production unit at the ABS early evaluation session will also be shut down: yesterday, the market quotation was generally stable, with individual rises and falls. At present, most of the venues are wait-and-see, and the business operations follow the market. Downstream users have low enthusiasm to enter the market for procurement, and the actual transaction is insufficient. There is still a possibility that the market will continue to weaken. Quotation reference: the hardness quotation obtained in Shantou market is temporarily stable, and D190 is quoted at 13900 yuan/ton; The quotation in Dongguan market was stable and small, and the price of Ning 121h fell by 50 yuan to 13800 yuan/ton; Shunde e-mail has made an in-depth analysis of the worrying current situation and future of the domestic power battery industry, and the market quotation is stable for the time being, with the price of 750A being 13600 yuan/ton

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