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With the improvement of people's quality of life, aluminum alloy doors and windows are more and more valued by people. Doors and windows are the "eyes" of buildings, which reflects people's pursuit of quality of life; As the demand for doors and windows increases, prices also become diversified. Today, let's take a look at the factors that mainly affect the price of doors and windows

1. Material quality

category materials are the key to open the price gap. The main material of some doors and windows is primary aluminum ingot, which has significant advantages of higher hardness, less impurities, stronger oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance compared with other ordinary renovated aluminum materials. The section structure of aluminum alloy doors will also affect the impact resistance and compression resistance of aluminum doors. However, the material with good quality is not easy to have the phenomenon of tip residue in the cutting process. The difference of materials directly affects the UV resistance, aging resistance and flatness of the section of the aluminum alloy door, and finally leads to the difference in price

2. Production process

compared with other door and window materials, the good thermal insulation, sound insulation, aging resistance, corrosion resistance and tightness of aluminum alloy doors and windows are not only limited to the hollow aluminum plate frame, but also from the structure, processing technology, glass, sealant strip, etc. of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Coupled with the different types and styles of doors and windows, there are great differences between the price and quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows. The quality of products also affects the price of the whole product

3. Hardware accessories

in hardware and other accessories, aluminum alloy doors and windows have also been upgraded. Due to the different opening methods of aluminum alloy doors and windows, their hardware accessories are also different, and their prices are also different. The hardware accessories of aluminum door include corner code, upper and lower rail wheels, handle, handle lock, swing door hinge, etc. Good door and window brands have always been very strict in the selection of hardware accessories. Take U-shaped rail wheels for example, they are all made of plastic highly polymerized by polymers. This material with high polymerization degree has high wear resistance, which greatly improves the service life of aluminum doors

4. Influence of brand strength

as the saying goes, big brands are trustworthy. Door should increase advertising efforts online and offline, increase the exposure of corporate brands, o2o three-dimensional marketing, and public good word-of-mouth publicity, which has laid a reliable guarantee for dealers. Now when we choose products, we often look at the brand of the company's products first, so the strength of a company's brand is also one of the factors that affect the final price difference of products


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