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Analysis on the domestic pure benzene market since 2015

the pure benzene market has been in constant consolidation since 2015, with high and low levels, roughly following the dynamics of crude oil and external market. This paper will summarize and analyze the specific market trend of pure benzene since 2015

the comparison with that at the beginning of the year is generally stable. I hope the above introduction can bring help to you.

although pure benzene has been continuously consolidated since 2015, and its ups and downs have never been flat, the current price is not much different from that at the beginning of the year. At the beginning of the year, the listing price of pure benzene was 4500 yuan/ton. Until the end of October, the listing price of domestic pure benzene was 4400 yuan/ton, only 100 yuan/ton lower than that at the beginning of the year. It seemed very soft and weak, with a decrease of 2.22%

as mentioned above, the trend of pure benzene depends entirely on the external market dynamics and the face of crude oil. Since 2015, crude oil has been volatile, so there is no time for calm in the pure benzene market

mainly upward in the first half of 2015

. In early January, it was listed at 4500 yuan/ton. In June, it was listed at 5900 yuan/ton for pure benzene, an increase of 31.11%

specifically, there is no more important period to achieve such a large increase than April. In April, the pure benzene refinery was increased by 1000 yuan/ton, and the refinery was listed for implementation. However, we only need some experimental instruments for construction engineering, universities, research institutes, etc., which are still 00 yuan/ton imported from abroad. The sharp rise was mainly due to the continuous rise of the international price of pure benzene, and the price adjustment of refineries, which boosted the domestic pure benzene market. At the end of the month, the turnover in East China market was yuan/ton, that in South China market was yuan/ton, and that in North China market was yuan/ton

stumble in the rising period

although the whole first half of the year has been continuously rising, it is not rising every month. One month, I accidentally stumbled, that is, may. In May, the international outer disc harvest of pure benzene fell sharply, while the domestic price of pure benzene fell sharply. At the beginning of the month, it was listed at 6200 yuan/ton. Near the end of the month, Sinopec increased the frequency of adjusting the listing price. It had adjusted the listing price twice a week. At present, the price of pure benzene is 5300 yuan/ton. The market negotiation has been declining, the market confidence has been crushed, and it is mainly on the sidelines. At that time, most of the industry expressed pessimism, saying that pure benzene was still expected to have room for decline

the decline mode was started in the third quarter

after the rise in the first half of the year, the decline mode was finally started in the third quarter. At the beginning of July, the listing price of the refinery was maintained at 5900 yuan/ton. By the end of October, the listing price of domestic pure benzene was 4400 yuan/ton, a decrease of 25.42%

throughout the pure benzene market, the continuous decline after entering the third quarter should be attributed to the continuous decline of crude oil. Still remember that at that time, crude oil continued to fall, causing a burst of blood and tears in the chemical industry. Specifically, with the impact of the Greek debt crisis and the Iranian nuclear talks, the international crude oil fell and the aromatics market began to fall. After entering August, the crude oil showed a downward trend of shock, and created the latest price since March 2009. It fluctuated at a low level for a period of time. Although it rebounded near the end of the month, it did not last long, and the market was seriously bearish

episode in the decline period

during the six months of continuous rise, it suddenly fell down in May. However, in the subsequent decline period, it did not flow down without resistance. Another episode occurred in September. Since the enthusiasm of traders and downstream enterprises to enter the market recovered after the military parade, and the downstream demand increased, it was raised by 200 in September to 4400 yuan/ton. After that, the price was adjusted to 4600 yuan/ton again in the middle of the month due to the recovery of demand. In the whole September, the growth rate reached 9.52%

aftermarket forecast

the recent crude oil shocks downward, but it rebounded at the end of October. In addition, the external market performance of pure benzene is strong. Therefore, most of the industry said that it is unlikely that pure benzene will continue to decline, and it is expected that the aftermarket will stabilize as a whole. There should be no big fluctuations in short-term performance. In the long run, it still depends on the external market dynamics and the trend of crude oil. In short, the long-term rise must be planted, and the long-term fall must be returned. This has always been the fundamental similar law between the principle of the market communication power off fatigue life test machine communication power off test system and DC. Of course, it does not rule out the abnormal state of some industries, and it is necessary to be cautious when entering the market

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