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After the diving decline, the price of waste paper increased intensively and gained a good reputation and evaluation in the industry. The market quickly changed

release date: Source: zhuochuang paper author: Fang Juntao

recently, the price of domestic waste paper fluctuated violently. After the diving decline on last Monday, the price of waste paper increased intensively again on last Thursday. As of this Monday, the average price of national waste yellow paperboard has rebounded by nearly 6% from the low point of last week. The expectation of the decline in the price of waste paper has not been fully digested (after the price of packaging base paper fell, market sales slowed down, and many paper enterprises are still giving up profits to stimulate shipments). The price of waste paper has risen again, and the speed of conversion has also surprised the market

we believe that the main reason for the rapid transformation of market style is the correction after the rapid decline of waste paper in the early stage. At the beginning of last week, the price of waste paper in most domestic paper enterprises fell/ton one day, and the one-day decline directly wiped out all the gains since the beginning of July. The consequences of the rapid decline in the price of waste paper once aggravated the panic of the market and stimulated the shipment of packaging stations. However, such a sharp decline also makes the waste paper profit of the packaging station quickly fall into a state of loss. In a sense, such a sharp decline did not leave a certain operating space and time for the packaging station at all. Since selling is a loss, many packaging stations simply wait and see with goods

of course, the reason why this sharp decline did not form a continuous panic is still that the domestic waste paper supply is relatively tight. According to the situation of the packaging station, the inventory of domestic waste paper packaging station is not much, and now the overall recycling volume is decreasing. According to the packaging station, the main reasons for the reduction of waste paper supply this year are as follows: 1. Affected by the epidemic, domestic consumption growth weakened, the circulation speed from base paper to waste paper slowed down significantly, and the supply of waste paper decreased; 2. This year, the rain weather in China has also increased significantly, and floods have occurred in many parts of the country, which has a great impact on the recycling and storage of waste paper and the non vertical transportation of screws and hexagonal heads in the process of heat treatment; 3. Due to the reduction of waste paper supply, the recycling competition in the packaging station is also intensifying. Due to the high price of goods, this also makes the packaging station reluctant to sell more

so what we can see from the market is that during the two days of the sharp decline in waste paper, waste paper delivery vehicles are also lined up at the gate of the paper factory. But then there were few delivery vehicles at the gate of the paper factory. Although the demand for finished paper is weakening, paper mills want to reduce production costs by reducing the price of waste paper. At the same time, it created market panic and stimulated the packaging station to speed up shipment to squeeze the social inventory of waste paper. On May 12, 2014, a cooperation agreement on Railway polyurethane curing track bed project was signed, but the routine obviously failed

after the price of waste paper fell rapidly and the arrival volume decreased precipitously, paper enterprises had to quickly raise prices to ensure normal production needs. At present, the inventory of waste paper and finished paper of domestic paper enterprises is at a low level, and the production of paper enterprises is still going on normally, and the demand for waste paper is still strong

however, for the whole domestic waste paper industry chain, terminal consumption is the key core. From the perspective of domestic consumption, the total retail sales of social consumer goods in June fell by 1.8% year-on-year, 1.0 percentage points lower than that in May, and it is still in the repair channel, but the speed slows down. For the automobile consumption market, which is more important to the packaging paper industry, in June, the growth rate of automobile consumption entered the declining channel again, and the decline was large, which may drag down the overall consumption again in the future. In addition, in the first half of the year, the growth rate of per capita disposable income of residents was at a low position, and the subsequent toothbrush consumption repair meeting the requirements of gb19342 (2) 003 standard may be restricted, which also brings some uncertainty to the economic recovery

if consumer demand weakens, it will depress the demand for finished paper for paper enterprises. But for waste paper, it also means that the tight supply of national waste will continue. The imbalance between supply and demand may continue in the future, which will also increase the volatility of waste paper prices

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