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It is expected to start a new round of investment boom after the implementation of the North South car merger

it is expected to start a new round of investment boom after the implementation of the North South car merger

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preloading load and preloading speed set by the North South car merger; The foreshadowed "high-speed rail going to sea" is the general direction of future industrial development. It is believed that after the announcement of the resumption of the North South Railway, the high-speed rail sector is expected to start a new investment boom

CSR acquires CNR

the long-awaited merger plan of CNR has finally made substantial progress. It is reported that the first draft of the plan was submitted to the State Council yesterday

according to the preliminary plan, CSR will issue additional shares, absorb and merge the shares held by all shareholders of CNR, and convert them into shares of CSR according to the agreed share exchange ratio. After the completion of stock exchange, absorption and merger, CNR's assets, liabilities, businesses and personnel will all enter CSR, while CNR will be delisted. After the merger, CSR plans to change its name to "China Rail Transit Vehicle Group Co., Ltd."

according to relevant insiders, compared with the merger method of establishing a new company on top of the two, the plan of acquiring CNR from CSR will ultimately retain only one shell of a listed company. Although the restructuring is large, the reform is relatively thorough, which is also in line with the overall listing idea of Central enterprises, so it has been highly recognized by high-level people

the general trend of "high-speed rail going to sea"

some industry experts said that the rapid development of domestic high-speed rail in the golden age has slowly slowed down, the domestic market has been stabilized to a certain extent, and the overseas market will become the trend of the next development

export will become a key breakthrough for the sustainable development of the high-speed rail industry in the future, so we should focus on building brands and exporting standards to compete for the international market

it is reported that after the merger of CNR and CSR, the total assets will exceed 300billion yuan, and the annual revenue may be close to or even more than 300billion yuan next year. The merger of the two giants will have a far-reaching impact on the competitive situation of the railway locomotive industry in China and even the world

a brokerage analyst said that driven by the general trend of "high-speed rail going to sea", the merger of CNR and CSR to test new materials is undoubtedly a great benefit to the high-speed rail industry. He believes that "the final conclusion has not yet been reached, but once the announcement plan is finalized, it is bound to set off another round of high-speed rail heat wave after the resumption of trading."

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