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Connecting packaging enterprises to provide characteristic services - the birth of the world's first Chinese system packaging B2B station

the internal and external communication window of China's packaging industry, which was constructed and implemented by China envelopment technology 6. According to the experimental requirements, impact height technology (Jinhua) Co., Ltd. - "China Packaging" () has developed rapidly. Based on the successful construction of China's largest packaging information service platform, after nearly half a year of research and development, It has launched a B2B e-commerce trading system - packaging market trade, which has attracted the attention of domestic packaging enterprises. It condenses the efforts of the majority of packaging professionals and provides an effective way for Chinese packaging enterprises to participate in the network economy and track the latest market

the system and the refined experimental system for characterizing fracture toughness through crack action are in line with China's national conditions, simple to maintain, and practical and operable. All production enterprises that display products and the appearance, performance, parameters, price, etc. of products are clear at a glance, avoiding the increase of energy consumption and management costs and the reduction of efficiency caused by the cumbersome desk work in the traditional packaging product exhibition and transaction, as well as a large amount of human, material and financial investment; It can reduce costs for enterprises, improve operational efficiency, and avoid the non transparent procurement process that causes procurement departments and personnel to purchase outside the contract. The system, together with the original packaging Yahoo and the supply and demand information column, forms an exhibition and trading market free of space-time and geographical restrictions, which brings unprecedented convenience to packaging enterprises, and truly "salespeople don't go out and visit the world with a click of the mouse"

connecting packaging enterprises and providing characteristic services are the basis for the success of China's packaging. In order to better "serve decision-making management and production and operation", China packaging will also launch a new Chinese version, English version and China Packaging Association package with powerful functions, close to enterprises and focusing on staff service, and show the corresponding data packaging decision-making management, so as to form a series of stations with China packaging as the fist, Let more packaging and related enterprises obtain industry information at home and abroad through Chinese packaging, open up product sales and expand new markets. At the same time, Zhongfeng Technology Co., Ltd. will also launch a complete e-commerce solution for the packaging industry, gradually promote and apply it in the industry, promote the process of information construction in the packaging industry, and promote the development of e-commerce in China's packaging industry. (China Packaging News, June 13, 2000)

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