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19 "painters" in a Beijing enterprise retired early to cheat on pensions

19 "painters" in a Beijing enterprise retired early to cheat on pensions

April 16, 2008

[China paint information] Wang Xiuqin, who retired early six years ago, recently went through the retirement procedure again, but this time it was a normal retirement

in April 2002, Wang Xiuqin, a female worker at Beijing Haidian boiler plant who was 48 years old (the normal retirement age of female employees is 50 years old), went through the early retirement procedures on the grounds that she had been engaged in harmful types of work (painters) for a total of 8 years. In September, 2007, Beijing Haidian District Labor and Social Security Bureau recognized that Haidian boiler factory provided false files and that Wang Xiuqin retired early for non-standard reasons, and returned it to the enterprise. At this time, Wang Xiuqin, who has reached 53 years of age and reached the normal retirement age, retired again from the position of canteen cook after returning 35000 yuan of all endowment insurance benefits from early retirement to the social security institution

19 "painters" retired early

in the three-year period from April 2002 to November 2005, in Haidian boiler plant, where the total number of employees was only more than 100, 19 employees, including Wang Xiuqin, applied to Haidian District Labor and Social Security Bureau for the same reason that they had been engaged in toxic and harmful types of work "painters" for a total of 8 years, and successfully handled the early retirement procedures, The time before the presentation ranged from 2 to 5 years

so many "painters" who retired early attracted doubts. Ma Yulong, the former director of Haidian boiler plant, who worked in the plant when it was established in January 1980, expressed doubts: "when the employees of the plant signed the labor contract in 1995, I was a legal person. There were only six painters in the plant. How could there be so many 'painters' who have worked for eight years?"

Tian Jiyue, who has served as the chairman of the labor union in Haidian boiler factory for nearly 10 years, said: "in the factory with more than 100 people, the workers are very familiar with each other. Everyone knows who has been engaged in what kind of work. The vast majority of the 19 people have not been engaged in harmful work at all. Even if they have been engaged in it, it is only a few months or years, and they have never met the requirements of the cumulative eight years stipulated by the state."

Tian Jiyue said: "on the one hand, the boiler plant has had poor benefits in recent years, and the basic salary of ordinary employees is only fourorfive yuan. Early retirement allows these employees to receive pension insurance in advance, usually more than 900 yuan to 1000 yuan per month, which is more than when they do not retire. On the other hand, the wages of these early retired employees are paid by the social security system, and the boiler plant has also reduced their wage expenses accordingly."

since November, 2005, eight informants, including Ma Yulong, Jiang Yufu and Tian Jiyue, reported to the relevant departments in their real names, saying that the boiler factory and some employees cheated social insurance funds by retiring early through falsifying files and forging contracts, transferring the burden of the enterprise to social security funds. "These early retired 'painters' have actually been working as cooks, quality inspectors, storekeepers, typists and cleaners, and they are not special types of work at all."

in June, 2006, Haidian District Labor and Social Security Bureau verified that two of the 19 people did not meet the conditions for early retirement for special types of work, and returned them to Haidian boiler factory. At the same time, it said that "other personnel did not find any problems in violation of the policy"

at the beginning of 2007, the informant reported to the Haidian District People's Procuratorate that the Haidian District Labor and Social Security Bureau was lax in the review of handling the procedures for early retirement of painters, and there was dereliction of duty

after half a year of investigation, the Haidian District procuratorate found that the Haidian District Labor and social security bureau did not commit dereliction of duty, and made a decision not to prosecute, but suggested that the labor and Social Security Bureau review the early retirement procedures of four of the "painters"

in September 2007, Haidian District Labor and Social Security Bureau returned four early retirees, including Wang Xiuqin, to Haidian boiler factory

so far, 6 of the 19 people have been found to have tampered with files, forged contracts and other acts in handling early retirement procedures as a "painter", and the early retirement procedures have been revoked and the old-age insurance benefits obtained have been refunded

the Bureau of labor and social security is candid and unable to distinguish between false and true.

in an interview, Zeng Jinhua, deputy director of the Bureau of labor and social security of Haidian District, Beijing, admitted that it is sometimes difficult for them to distinguish between true and false information only by written examination

"we handled it completely according to the procedure." Deputy director Zeng said that when the 19 "painters" of Haidian boiler factory went through the early retirement procedures, the application materials brought by the factory met the requirements. According to the regulations, after the labor and Social Security Bureau reviews the materials, the application unit shall be publicized in the unit for 3 days to accept supervision. In these three days, I haven't received any report information

in this regard, Zeng Jinhua made a vivid metaphor: "it's like a hundred yuan bill. You can't tell whether it's true or false with your naked eyes. Employee files are just some paper. How can you judge whether it's true or false? Only when the reporting materials can effectively prove that the documents in the employee files are false, can we conclude that it's false."

for many boiler factory employees, 19 "painters" retired, and the information was not publicized. Zeng Jinhua explained, "these are the things that enterprises should do. What we do is to review the documents submitted by enterprises."

according to deputy director Zeng Jinhua, due to the wide range of utilization of the functional diversity of injection molding equipment in Haidian District, and the Social Security Bureau, in order to ensure safety when handling retirement procedures, A lot of work has been done: "we have implemented a double post audit system, with two people at one counter, one in front of the other, to achieve supervision; for enterprises, we have implemented a written commitment system, which clearly tells enterprises that it is against the law to falsify employee files; our fund safety supervision office will also conduct random inspections from time to time to punish staff members who make mistakes, including fines and administrative sanctions."

"after all, once we pass this pass, applicants can receive money, so we are particularly cautious." Zeng Jinhua said, "however, our examination and approval is only a written examination. As long as there is no evidence to prove that the files and other materials provided by the enterprise are false, we can't help it."

in addition, limited manpower is also a major constraint. According to Zeng Jinhua, there are 30000 enterprises under the jurisdiction of Haidian District, and sometimes the information of dozens or even hundreds of retirees has to be reviewed in a day, while the bureau only approves retirees at 10 counters and 20 people

enterprises are not investigated

deputy director Zeng Jinhua said in an interview with China Youth Daily that as the last gatekeeper of the social security fund, they have been thinking about how to deal with insurance fraud. According to him, at present, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of labor and social security is formulating relevant reporting incentives, which are expected to be introduced within the year

however, China Youth Daily found in its investigation that in addition to strengthening external supervision, it should strictly implement the existing regulations

the Ministry of labor and social security once issued a document stipulating that "enterprises with special types of work should submit the list of special types of work, the actual number of employees, the list of personnel working in special types of work and the time of engaging in special types of work to the labor and social security departments at the prefecture and municipal levels every year."

but deputy director Zeng said that the bureau did not have these data, let alone comparison, in order to identify the authenticity of the materials. When handling the early retirement procedures, the "Registration Form for early retirement jobs" in the file is not filled in year by year, but temporarily filled in by the enterprise when handling the retirement procedures, which provides convenient conditions for counterfeiting

the document of the Ministry of labor and social security also stipulates that "all enterprises that handle early retirement or resignation in violation of national regulations shall be investigated for the responsibility of relevant leaders and parties."

in addition, the regulations on labor security supervision promulgated and implemented by the State Council stipulates that those who defraud social insurance benefits or defraud social insurance fund expenditures shall be ordered to return by the administrative department of labor security and be fined not less than one time but not more than three times the amount defrauded; If a crime is constituted, the offender shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law

in the retirement storm of these 19 "painters", although six employee files have been found to be fraudulent, at present, only individual employees have been dealt with, and enterprise leaders and handling parties have not been investigated. A staff member of Haidian District Labor and Social Security Bureau said that similar irregular early retirement is usually the "Mastermind" of the employing unit, because if employees want to retire early, they must first apply to the employing unit, and then enter the approval process with the consent of the unit. "It is difficult for individual workers to complete things such as tampering with files."

one of the six illegal retirees identified by Haidian boiler factory is widely used in all kinds of wood precision screw drives; 2. Workers of ordinary belt drive materials such as plywood, particleboard, medium density fiberboard and other wood planks also complained, "it was the leaders who asked me to retire early at the beginning. Now it is found out that they asked me to return the insurance money. How can they be all right?"

both group zhenkui, Secretary of the Party committee of Haidian boiler plant, and Zhang Jun, director of the plant, rejected the interview request of China Youth Daily

irregular early retirement is stealing the national treasury in disguise.

some enterprises use the policy of early retirement to handle early retirement for some unqualified employees. Their interest drive is that employees can receive pensions in advance, and can also find other jobs to increase their income; Enterprises can also reduce personnel costs

"this is a game between enterprises and the government." Yang Tuan, director of the Social Policy Research Office of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that irregular early retirement puts pressure on the overall endowment insurance premium, and the gap in lost endowment insurance benefits can only be filled by the government. "This kind of behavior is serious. It is the conscious appropriation of Treasury resources by enterprises and theft in disguise." Yang Tuan said

in the office hall of Beijing Haidian District Labor and Social Security Bureau, some employees who were randomly interviewed in line for retirement procedures told an analogy: the endowment insurance fund is like a rich dinner. Someone is burning a fire and someone is cooking. Everyone is working hard for this dinner, because every participant has a share in the dinner. Everyone said that they would have dinner at 6 p.m. on time, but someone started at 5:30. Those who start eating first are those who retire early in violation of regulations. This will damage the interests of more people who still work and pay endowment insurance

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