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After the "coal to electricity" work in Shanxi Province, the electricity consumption of the whole society in the first quarter of 2018 was 52.629 billion kwh

with the further implementation of the "coal to electricity" and "gas to electricity" work of high energy consuming enterprises such as the foundry industry in many places in Shanxi Province, the air quality has greatly improved -

after Shanxi Zhongde Pipe Technology Co., Ltd. replaced the electric furnace, the workers worked in a cleaner and more comfortable environment. Photo by Du Juan

in the past, whenever the sky in the provincial capital was blue, there would always be a wave of screen brushing in the circle of friends. With the development of new energy and the growth of people's awareness of environmental protection, the work of "changing coal to electricity" and "changing gas to electricity" was further implemented, and the air quality of Shanxi Province was significantly improved

since last year, Shanxi Province has carried out a new energy revolution for many high energy consuming enterprises, such as Taigu Magang, Pingyao casting, Qixian glassware manufacturing, etc., shutting down cupola, and the work of "changing coal to electricity" and "changing gas to electricity" is in full swing. At the same time of environmental protection production, the rapid increase of power consumption also poses new challenges to the power supply system of our province. Shanxi electric power company quickly introduced a series of service measures to do a good job in power security, highlighting the mission and responsibility of central enterprises

in mid May, the head of Shanxi electric power company and relevant units and professionals went to Taigu, Pingyao, Qixian and other key counties of the provincial energy revolution to explore the environmental protection reform of industrial enterprises

the cupola with excessive emissions and heavy pollution walks into a dead end

"a few years ago, in our factory, you wanted your car body to be strong and bear the weight. Using the cupola, the pollution was very serious, and the smell was diffused in the air. You had to wear a mask when you went out, and you couldn't survive even if you planted trees. The new weather in the factory, like now, also engaged in greening, planting grapes and holly, which was unthinkable in the past!" Zhang Min, a fitter from Shanxi karnev Pipe Co., Ltd. in Taigu County, was unable to suppress his excitement and shared their joy after entering the new plant. It is understood that after the company banned cupola and switched to electric furnace last year, the pollution in the plant area was significantly reduced, the pulverized coal and smoke almost disappeared, and the plant area took on a new look

it is understood that in the pollution prevention and control of our province, the most powerful is to limit and close the cupola of foundry enterprises. The so-called cupola is a vertical cylindrical smelting furnace with coke as the main fuel and the top opening upward. It is the core equipment of foundry enterprises. This kind of equipment was widely used in the past because of its small investment and low cost. But at the same time, the waste gas produced by it is almost discharged directly without any treatment, which causes serious pollution to the environment. It is estimated that a cupola operates for an average of 3500 hours per year, consumes about 2635 tons of coke and discharges about 7000 tons of carbon dioxide

take Taigu County, known as the "base of Maanshan Iron and steel in China", as an example, the county has more than 200 casting enterprises of all kinds at most, and there are still 102 at present, including 13 enterprises with an annual output of more than 10000 tons. On average, each of them is equipped with at least two cupola, and the annual coal emission is amazing. "Pollution not only makes people complain, but also makes them feel guilty. The working conditions of the factory are poor, and no one comes to recruit workers. The enterprise has reached the point of disreputable, unsustainable and unable to change." Many heads of local foundry enterprises sighed helplessly

in 2017, our province issued tough measures for environmental remediation, requiring a new energy revolution for the large-scale industries in Taigu Ma steel, Pingyao casting, Qixian glassware manufacturing and other heavily polluted regions, and vigorously promoting the work of "coal to electricity" and "gas to electricity". At this point, the cupola came to an end

up to now, the work of "coal to electricity" and "gas to electricity" in Taigu Maanshan Iron and steel Pingyao casting industry is in full swing. 66 of 102 Taigu Maanshan Iron and steel enterprises have completed the transformation, and 47 of 183 Pingyao casting enterprises have completed the transformation, and the enterprise environment has changed fundamentally. At the same time, the work of "coal to electricity" and "gas to electricity" in the foundry industry across the province is also in full swing

"coal to electricity" and "gas to electricity" power supply systems have a long way to go

"electric kilns have many benefits. In addition to being clean, hygienic and environmental friendly, the yield of cup blowing has also been improved." Li Ning, director of the Technology Department of Qixian Honghai Glass Co., Ltd., introduced his experience of burning coke, gas and electric kilns since he joined the company in 2010, Experience on the advantages and disadvantages of blowing utensils with several energy sources: "Although the cost of coke burning is low, the difference is huge enough for composite workers, but the pollution is great, and the furnace temperature is difficult to control, and the cup blowing yield is less than 40%. Although the pollution degree of coal burning is reduced, the cost is very high, and the temperature in front of the furnace is too high, which is not conducive to workers' operation, and the cup blowing yield is only 60%. After switching to electric kiln, the workshop becomes clean, the kiln temperature control is easy, and the cost is almost the same as that of coke burning The key is that the finished product rate of cup blowing is as high as 80%, and the efficiency and benefit are greatly improved. "

according to Li Ning, now Qi county Honghai Glass Co., Ltd. has two electric kilns that operate day and night, with an annual power consumption of 9.6 million kWh and an annual output value of more than 100million yuan. The development of this company is only a microcosm of the glassware industry in Qi county. It is understood that since last year, driven by Shanxi's energy revolution policy, more than 30 of the nearly 60 glassware manufacturers in Qi county have switched from coal or gas to electric kilns, and the rest are also stepping up their transformation. Everyone in the industry has a consensus that "coal to electricity" and "gas to electricity" are the general trend, and they are the only way to improve product quality, enterprise efficiency and market competitiveness

the centralized launch of "coal to electricity" and "gas to electricity" has led to a rapid increase in power consumption. Statistics show that in 2017, Shanxi's total social electricity consumption was 19.061 billion kwh, a year-on-year increase of 10.76%, of which the secondary industry electricity consumption was 156.668 billion kwh, a year-on-year increase of 11.09%, accounting for 78.7%; In the first quarter of this year, the total electricity consumption in Shanxi was 52.629 billion kwh, a year-on-year increase of 10.52%, of which the electricity consumption of the secondary industry was 40.081 billion kwh, a year-on-year increase of 9.09%, accounting for 76.15%. The energy revolution has a strong demand for electricity, which poses a severe challenge to Shanxi electric power company, which undertakes the task of ensuring power supply for industrial and agricultural production and people's lives in the province

improve efficiency, serve our province's electric power to carry out creative work

in order to ensure the reappearance of clear water and blue sky in the province and support the development of traditional industries, Shanxi electric power company, in accordance with the strategic requirements of "re electrification" of state-owned companies, quickly issued a series of service measures, and made every effort to do a good job in the power guarantee of "coal to electricity" and "gas to electricity" projects, highlighting the mission and responsibility of central enterprises with practical actions

it is reported that as of early May, the capacity increase of No. 1 main transformer of Beiyang 110kV substation for power supply in Taigu Magang park has been completed, and the substation capacity has increased from 3.15 MVA to 6.3 MVA; Pingyao Zhongdu 110 kV substation, which is used for power supply by four customers including Shanxi Yonghua Foundry Co., Ltd., completed the final equipment commissioning stage and was completed and put into operation in early May, more than one year ahead of the reasonable construction period

since the fourth quarter of last year, Shanxi electric power company has carried out extensive visits to "ask for needs, deliver services, and promote development" although there are only 17 people in the R & D center. Members of the company's leadership team led the team respectively to fully understand the market and customer needs, actively put forward opinions and suggestions, transfer experience and practices, work creatively, firmly grasp the initiative, and further improve the ability and level of quality service. All affiliated units have opened up green channels to comprehensively speed up the speed of industrial expansion, improve the efficiency of electricity, and solve customers' electricity needs in advance. Especially for customers with newly modified equipment, it is difficult to achieve the effect of zero level release by formulating a power substitution solution for each household, one case, one policy, accurately guiding the safe use of electricity, staggering peak production, and helping customers reduce the power consumption cost of enterprises. For some areas with tight power load, we have stepped up power planning, tried every means to raise funds, tried to shorten the construction cycle, and made every effort to meet the needs of customers, which has been highly praised by the government, enterprises and the general public

in addition, Shanxi electric power company also increased the hidden danger investigation of customers' electrical equipment, helped rectify problems in time, improved the healthy operation level of equipment, gave full play to the role of new electric furnaces, and sought to create more and better benefits for customers

"Shanxi energy revolution is not only a simple alternative to energy, but also carries the yearning of the people of the whole province for a better life. Shanxi electric power company will live up to its heavy trust, play a leading role in guarding the green waters and mountains of our province, and do a good job in power security." Liu Hongxin, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Shanxi electric power company, said loudly

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