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Jingxing paper: after the Malaysian project is put into operation, the company's gross profit level will be significantly improved

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in the afternoon of November 16, Zhejiang Jingxing paper received 16 institutions such as Orient Securities, Bank of China fund, noan fund for research. During the survey, King Hing paper introduced the situation of the waste pulp board project in Malaysia, saying that after the project is completed and put into operation, the gross profit level of the company will be significantly improved

Malaysia West operation direct, fast and efficient sub project is under construction

in September this year, Zhejiang Jingxing paper industry further improved the quality of oil products and completed the issuance of convertible bonds. The funds raised are mainly used for Malaysia's annual output of 800000 tons of waste pulp board project. According to the original plan, the project is expected to be put into operation in June next year, at the latest in the third quarter of next year. However, affected by the epidemic, the progress of the project has been delayed, and it is expected that energy production will be possible by the end of next year

at present, the seven supplies and one leveling of the project have been completed, the infrastructure has begun to pile, and the order contracts for major equipment have also been signed. The project mainly imports American waste, processes it into sheet-like recycled pulp, and then transports it back to China. According to the current situation, the project can not only meet self use, but also be sold externally

Jingxing paper said that the company has always had some shortcomings in the raw material side. After the completion of the Malaysian project, it will help to solve the raw material problem and significantly improve the competitiveness of the company. The Malaysian project also approved the project with an annual output of 600000 tons of finished paper (300000 tons of box board paper and 300000 tons of corrugated paper) as the second phase project

after the project is put into operation, the gross profit level of Zhejiang Jingxing paper industry will be significantly improved after the Malaysian project is completed and put into operation. First, it comes from the profit contribution of waste pulp itself; Second, the company can produce more high-end paper, thereby increasing profits

specifically, on November 11, the CIF price of American waste to Southeast Asia was $170, which is currently a relatively high quotation, but the price of recycled web pulp purchased from Southeast Asia was $360. From the perspective of the maintenance of the price difference between American waste and recycled pulp, Zhejiang Jingxing paper industry can obtain a higher gross profit, which should ensure a more ideal profit level

at present, the high-end Kraft linerboard of Zhejiang Jingxing paper industry can be sold for more than 6000/ton, but the lower quality can only be sold for more than 3000/ton. It can also be seen from this that the profit space of high-end products is large. After the completion of the Malaysian project, Zhejiang Jingxing paper industry will have a stable channel of high-quality recycled fiber, the product structure will be improved, and the gross profit will also be significantly increased

in addition, Jingxing paper also revealed that check whether the online selection sensor is selected correctly; At present, the price of carton paper and corrugated paper has been raising slightly, and the company's inventory is at a historical low, which is only about 7 days. At the same time, the market demand is good, and the gross profit rate increased in October. Therefore, from these aspects, it shows that the prosperity of the paper loading industry after one experiment shows a good development trend

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