After the most popular financial crisis, instrumen

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After the financial crisis, instrument leasing sounded the assembly number

recently, the electronic manufacturing industry, according to the deployment of the State Council, through the nationwide promotion of "home appliances to the countryside" and other activities, explored emerging markets and actively responded to the financial crisis. This strategy covers products such as refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, computers, air conditioners, water heaters and motorcycles. In addition, the issuance of 3G licenses also has a strong direct pull on the electronic manufacturing industry

many enterprises are actively adjusting their strategies and strive to jump to a new level in advance when the economy turns better. Facing the restorative development of the domestic electronic manufacturing industry in the post financial crisis period, Beijing Orient Zhongke Integrated Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as orient integration) has mobilized more than 200 sets of electronic testing instruments from overseas inventory, including signal sources, spectrometers, oscilloscopes Optical transmission analyzer and other general electronic testing instruments

East by polymer chemists Jiang Yi, marketing director of the integrated leasing business unit, said that special implantable devices designed by plastic engineers and genetic bioscientists are used as visceral substitutes: "When the current demand may appear at any time and there is uncertainty in recent days, the manufacturer must adopt flexible strategies and tactics to meet the capacity demand and try to save money at the same time. It can make the control more flexible. Oriental integration has accumulated 15 years of service experience and designed a series of Solutions to help customers actively deal with various problems."

it is reported that since the economic crisis, the consulting volume of Oriental integrated leasing business has been increasing exponentially. Leasing business is one of the main businesses of Orient integration, which has grown rapidly in the past three years. The company carried out strategic cooperation with Orix, the world's largest technology leasing company, in 2005. At present, there are 35000 models and more than 500000 pieces of instruments and equipment that can be leased. Therefore, there is almost no product loss of more than 5.5 billion yuan. Leasing business is playing a role in helping enterprises avoid all kinds of risks and indirectly giving enterprises blood transfusion

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