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Jinan post-95 Baoma "about collecting waste" is popular: nearly half of the team is post-90s, and each person recycles 9 tons of waste per month

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in the streets of Zhangqiu, Jinan, you often see such people, wearing unified green uniforms, riding a unified blue tricycle, entering shopping malls, going to residential areas... To recycle waste from merchants or residents' homes. Unlike others, merchants or residents can not only call them to collect waste products, but also place orders directly through small programs. They are all "recycling brothers" of the 580 recycling industry. Xiaohui is one of them. What's more unexpected is that Xiaohui is also a post-95 Baoma

Jinan post-95 Baoma "collects waste products about a thousand kilograms a day

Xiaohui is a native of Zhangqiu. A post-95 child, 5 years old, is in kindergarten. Before becoming a "recycling brother", he had been unemployed at home to take care of his children

"I have been taking care of my children at home since I gave birth. More than half a year ago, I accidentally saw a 50-80 recycling in the community, and then I asked him to come to the house to recycle waste products. Later, I asked them about their salary and workflow process before Jane would not cause soil pollution. After asking, I thought it was ok, so I planned to have a try, which was not enough. The company also paid five insurances, and the treatment was also good." Xiaohui has been doing this until now

when she saw Xiaohui on the morning of the 12th, she was at the site of the May 80 recycling harmony station. She had just unloaded a truck of recycled waste to the recycling station, ready to go to the next place. "Our job is actually very simple, that is, the customer places an order with us, and we recycle it on site according to the order content, then classify, weigh and settle the waste products, and finally transport the waste products to the site."

Xiaohui said it simply, but it's not easy to do it. Then, I followed Xiaohui to the nearby Zhangqiu Shuangshan community, because Ms. Yang, a resident of the community, placed an order through a small program and asked to come to this point to recycle waste products. "Residents can place an order through a small program or directly, just write down the home address, the type and quantity of waste products, and the time of arrival."

at the appointed place, after Xiaohui got in touch with Ms. Yang, Ms. Yang took Xiaohui to the basement on the first floor. The basement has a large space. In addition to some daily necessities, a corner must be full of all kinds of waste products, including paper boxes, plastics, old clothes, water bottles, etc., which are piled up disorderly

after a brief communication with Ms. Yang, Xiaohui took four or five gunny bags from the car and began to classify these wastes and put them into different gunny bags. Xiaohui looked very sharp and experienced. In less than 20 minutes, he sorted and bagged the garbage piled into hills. During the classification process, there was an old fan, and Xiaohui also specifically asked Ms. Yang whether she was sure to sell it as waste. After getting a positive reply, Xiaohui bagged

finally, Xiaohui took down the electronic scale from the car and weighed it in front of Ms. Yang. During the weighing process, Xiaohui took out a notebook from his bag and made a detailed record. "Flower box 13.4kg × 0.7/kg=9.3, plastic 13.9kg × 0.4/kg=5.5, used clothes 26.2 kg × 0.2/kg=5.2... "

" each of our recycling brothers has a note Honeywell announcement book to record the recycled waste in detail. " Xiaohui told that after being transported back to the site, the person in charge of the site would also conduct a secondary weighing approval to avoid the situation of short weight

"aunt, count it, a total of 27.3 yuan. If it's right, I'll load it. There are still three orders in our community, and I have to hurry." Xiaohui told, "customers are very relieved of us and don't look at the scales, so we must 'weigh accurately'."

after a simple calculation, Xiaohui received 61 kg of waste products for this single order alone. She not only has to sort out these waste products, but also weigh them, and then lift them from the basement to her tricycle. However, Xiaohui told that this was not particularly much. At most, she could collect more than 1200 kilograms a day and 9 to 10 tons a month

"I've been doing this job for half a year. In fact, I really like this job. Sometimes it's a little dirty and a little tired, but it's acceptable, because I like this kind of working atmosphere. It's very comfortable, and the boss won't give me a lot of pressure. Anyway, I can do my work well." Xiaohui told that although the job was a little hard, it was all within her ability

"if it's normal in a month, you can earn about fourorfive thousand after paying the five insurances." It is understood that Xiaohui is also an excellent employee of May 80 recycling. He will overfulfil the workload every month and get a bonus every month

asked if she would worry about being laughed at or discriminated against by others, Xiaohui told her that she had no such worry at all. "I don't think my industry is very humiliating. On the contrary, I feel very proud. Waste collection is not a very bad profession, so I don't have this worry at all. People around me, including relatives and friends, also support me." Xiaohui told that now some relatives and friends will start to ask her about this job and are interested in their company

"I used to feel that this job was done by old people and old ladies. Now there are many young people, post-90s and post-95s, who come to this job. I found that collecting waste products is not a very humiliating thing. Moreover, with the popularity of garbage classification, collecting waste products will become a more refined and professional job." In this half year, Xiaohui's biggest personal feeling is that, in addition to the increasing number of young people joining their team, many residents will classify beverage bottles, cans and cartons in advance, "when we come to the door for recycling, we can weigh him directly."

post-90s guys start businesses to collect waste products, and nearly half of their employees are post-90s

"our working time is 7:30 in the morning. Customer service will sort out some orders of the day in advance, and the recycling brother will recycle them on site according to the time of each order. Basically, he will return to the site at about 11:30 and weigh them twice. Then at 12:00 noon is lunch time, and these processes will be repeated in the afternoon." Hu Yanfeng, deputy general manager of 580 recycling, told that 580 recycling was established in 2018 and has been engaged in garbage classification and recycling. At present, three sites have been established in Zhangqiu, with a total of 15 "recycling brothers" who have been working for a long time

"there are 6 post-90s and 4 girls. The post-90s are now our main force." Hu Yanfeng said that the daily receiving volume of the recycling brother is 300 kg, and each person recovers at least 9 tons of waste products every month. The salary starts at 4500, and more than 9 tons will get a commission and pay five insurances. "Basically, they can complete their tasks. If there are many employees, they can now get more than 5000 yuan, less than 6000."

it is understood that some of the "recycling brothers" currently registered in the May 80 recycling are "stragglers" who used to be full-time engaged in waste recycling, and some have never been engaged in this work before. "Some employees have been engaged in waste recycling for more than 20 years, and some have resigned to join us."

Zhang Guangrui, born in 1990, is the founder of 580 recycling. He told us the origin of the company's name. "Fifty eight is the homonym of 'I help you'. I wanted to call this name at that time, and then I began to look for the number. It took a lot of effort to determine the current number."

"I came out to work after graduating from junior high school, opened a restaurant and sold eggs." Zhang Guangrui said that he is a restless person who has been struggling on the road of entrepreneurship over the years. Dry garbage recycling is also a very accidental opportunity

"in 2018, at that time, many houses were demolished around. During my fatigue experiment, I only had the dial pointer to instigate the maximum and minimum values of the experimental load. Seeing that there were many recyclable waste products that were not managed at all, they were wasted directly. I was particularly distressed, so I came up with the idea of recycling these waste products by classification." Zhang Guangrui said that although the concept of garbage classification was not popularized at that time, he believed that garbage classification would certainly become a trend in the future

"at first, there were only my wife and I, the mom and pop store. Later, the scale gradually expanded, and relatives and friends began to join." Zhang Guangrui said that in 2020, he began to recruit waste recyclers and community expansion specialists, purchase customized blue cars to achieve the best mixing effect, and develop small programs... I think this thing can be done well, but it must be all standardized

"at the beginning, there were also many recycling brothers who had questions and were afraid that the salary could not be guaranteed. I told them directly that my vehicles, sites and these assets were here. As long as you are willing to work, I can guarantee that the salary is OK."

"basically, we can collect three tons of waste products a day on average, but now the receiving volume is increasing." Zhang Guangrui said that the statistics of last month were about 180 tons. "Yesterday, we received more than 50 orders from Lixia District of Jinan in less than an hour. At that time, I was sweating, because we had not set up a site in Lixia District, so we could only let the staff call them one by one to explain the situation and return the orders."

as for whether he will consider developing in the urban area of Jinan in the future, Zhang Guangrui said frankly that he has not considered so much at present. He wants to mature the market of Zhangqiu first, and then consider other things. "Before his roots are tied, he can directly do other things, and you can't guarantee many things." Zhang Guangrui said that he now wants to develop we media, let the recycling brother broadcast live while working, to promote garbage classification, tell the story behind their industry, and let more people pay attention to garbage classification

it is understood that the regulations on the reduction and classification management of domestic waste in Jinan will be implemented from May 1, 2021, and the classification management of domestic waste in Jinan is about to enter the era of "laws to follow"

the regulation clearly stipulates that recyclables in domestic waste should be put into blue recyclables collection containers or sold to renewable resource recycling operators. Large pieces of garbage with large volume, strong integrity or need to be separated and reprocessed should be put into the collection point or reserved for recycling. The recycling unit shall publish or contact information to the public. If a unit or individual fails to classify and put in domestic garbage at the designated place, the comprehensive administrative law enforcement department shall order it to make corrections; Those who refuse to make corrections shall be fined not less than 50000 but not more than 500000 to the unit and not more than 50 but not more than 200 to the individual

"in the next step, we will actively cooperate with the environmental sanitation department and strive to make our own contribution to garbage classification in Jinan." Zhang Guangrui said that he was ready to face greater challenges

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