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Help with green ship repair. COSCO Jotun Nanjing held a technical exchange activity

help with green ship repair. For most enterprises that don't understand, we are still more professional. On August 24, 2020

August 19, 2020, COSCO Jotun held a "help with green ship repair cargo tank coating solutions and antifouling paint technology introduction" activity in Nanjing. According to the characteristics of large customer bulk cargo fleets in Nanjing market, The exchange plan of ship coating technology tailored to meet the needs of each ship owner was introduced, with emphasis on "laws, regulations and standards related to ship shipping and coating", "cargo tank paint solutions" and "antifouling paint technology lectures"

You Tao, the sales director of COSCO Jotun, introduced the development of the company in recent years. In the face of market changes, the company not only developed product solutions to adapt to the market, but also made pioneering use of big data technology in energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection to provide shipowners with more in-depth service solutions in hull performance and pollution risk management

..... Wanl plastic packaging adheres to innovation and quietly changes

in recent years, many new standards and regulations have been issued and implemented in the field of shipping and environmental protection at home and abroad. Wang Jian, the technical director of COSCO Jotun, who is also an expert of the expert committee of China paint Association, combed the standards and regulations related to green shipping, environmental protection, VOC emissions and other contents for the ship owners in simple terms, helping the ship owners improve their understanding of the new standards and regulations in operation


there are fixed transport vehicles

most of the customer fleets in Nanjing are bulk carriers, and the tonnage is concentrated in handy to Panamanian ship types, carrying a variety of goods, so there is a very keen demand for a cargo hold in good condition. COSCO Jotun has developed cargo hold solutions based on customer needs, saving operating costs for shipowners. During the on-site exchange activities, COSCO Jotun brought physical samples, which interested many shipowners, and we had in-depth exchanges


antifouling paint is a product closely related to ship operation. COSCO Jotun introduced the mechanism of antifouling paint to ship owners and showed the supporting design of antifouling paint based on AIS data to help ship owners choose antifouling paint products suitable for their own needs

help green ship repair

under the epidemic, the global economy is facing great challenges. COSCO Jotun will continue to cultivate the ship repair market, and is committed to using scientific and technological means such as big data to provide customers with customized ship coating solutions. The company's centralized lecture and exchange activities in Nanjing are also to solve the actual needs and "pain points" of customers in operation, provide high-quality and targeted personalized services and support, and jointly deal with the challenges of the future market with ship owners

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