1875kw photovoltaic roof project of Sino German ec

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Sino German Eco Park experience center 18.75kw photovoltaic roof project completed recently, the Sino German Eco Park experience center 18.75kw distributed photovoltaic roof power generation project, developed and constructed by ENN solar energy (hkg:2688), has been officially completed and put into use recently. Our company has practical technology and professional operation team to create services based on user experience for you

the introduction of distributed photovoltaic roof power generation system shows the process performance and experimental methods of "ecological, clean, low-carbon, intelligent" stainless steel in Sino German ecological park, which can be divided into the following categories: exhibition concept. The success of this project has not only improved the scientific and technological taste and clean and low-carbon concept of Sino German ecological park, but also greatly enhanced the brand influence of ENN curing system solar energy in Shandong region. This project adopts the array layout design, which is composed of six parts, and is installed on the roof slope of mutual connection. It takes into account the practicality and highlights the beauty of the speed at which the building's technology will reduce wear and tear to a great extent

Sino German Eco Park experience center is a cooperation project between the governments of China and Germany. It is an urban planning experience exhibition center with the main functions of experience exhibition, exchange and negotiation, operation management and education and training

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