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Nine batches of primary and secondary school textbooks in Shandong have passed the spot check on the printing quality of unqualified correction fluid

Guide: Stationery textbooks in primary and secondary schools have always been the hardest hit area of quality inspection, especially stationery that may have quality problems such as correction fluid and correction tape. Recently, after a spot check of school supplies in Shandong Province, it was found that the printing of 9 batches of books was unqualified

on June 12, 2014, the author learned from the mountain common fault 4: the eastern Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision that recently, a special supervision and spot check was organized for primary and secondary school students' school supplies across the province. According to the released test results, a total of 9 batches of printed products such as teaching books and schoolbooks were unqualified, and 3 batches of glasses were found to have problems, but all the correction fluids, correction tapes, correction pens and other appliances that parents were worried about passed the test

nine batches of primary and secondary school textbooks in Shandong Province passed the spot check on the printing quality of unqualified correction liquid, etc.

this special monitoring, a total of 57 batches of primary and secondary school textbooks produced by 51 Enterprises in the province were spot checked (teaching aids do not need to set attenuation); The import force (load) and export load were appropriately reduced. Nine batches of products from nine enterprises were found to be unqualified, including Qufu Wenqiang stationery printing factory, Liaocheng Xingjiao Printing Co., Ltd., Ningyang golden sun printing Co., Ltd., Shandong Gaotang Printing Co., Ltd., Shandong Tai'an Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd., Shandong Liaocheng Xinghua Printing Co., Ltd., Zibo Fangzheng Printing Co., Ltd Laiwu Dongfang Color Printing Co., Ltd. and Shandong Wenshang Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. The unqualified items of 9 batches of teaching 98.07 lesson books and schoolbooks involve printing ink color, lamination bonding strength, page number position tolerance, binding and positioning, paper brightness (whiteness), paper thickness deviation, paper tensile index, paper folding resistance, paper smoothness, paper quantity, white pages, page number, etc

the author noticed from the released results that the 51 production enterprises were not as smooth as expected. Among them, there were 5 enterprises registered in Qingdao, and the quality of their teaching books and schoolbooks were tested to be qualified

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