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COSCO Shipping universe, the largest container ship in China, escorted by COSCO Jotun

COSCO Shipping universe, the largest container ship in China, escorted by COSCO Jotun

August 31, 2018

COSCO Shipping universe was built by Shanghai Jiangnan Changxing heavy industry Co., Ltd. and was the first of the six 21000 TEU Container Ships ordered by COSCO Shipping Container Transportation Co., Ltd. As the service life of products depends on the quality of one product, it is the largest container ship built for China at present, and it is also the largest container ship served by COSCO Jotun so far. It is specially designed for European routes of COSCO Shipping, with a carrying capacity of 20998 TEU (20 foot standard container) Chinese paint

this shipbuilding project began in November 2016 and includes a total of 6 ships. As the only supplier of marine coatings, Jotun provides comprehensive marine coating solutions for the construction of a full range of ships, including hull performance solutions HPS (which will be applied to ship 6), acrylic silane high-end antifouling seaquantum Pro u, general epoxy primer jotacote universal N10, jotaprime 510 and other benchmark products and 57 year old corresponding solutions. After the delivery of the ship, COSCO Jotun will continue to provide products and services for in-flight maintenance in ship operation. The biggest experience of China's development model in the past is cheap labor and docking projects at the low end of the global industrial chain, so as to provide comprehensive protection for ship owners throughout the service period

Jotun's professional technical service team provided more than 10000 hours of service during the construction of COSCO Shipping universe, ensuring the high-quality coating of high-quality products with team spirit and professionalism

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