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COSCO 400 under the epidemic: no stagnant air

on February 17, COSCO Group welcomed the first day of resumption of work after gengzi new year. In a letter to all employees, the president of COSCO Group expressed his high respect and gratitude to all employees who fought in the front line of fighting against the epidemic and MHT had shrunk the nozzle to the bottom of the test tube. Under the pandemic, oceanwide community property, elderly care services and shopping centers are all busy and busy

on the 20th floor of the Sino Ocean International Center, the Sino ocean 400 customer service center has always adhered to its position by the Haihe River in Tianjin. During the Spring Festival when the epidemic was serious, the work here never stopped! A 7-day, 24-hour ocean has not stopped

under the epidemic: the Spring Festival holiday that has never stopped work

no matter what happens, we cannot stop work. Because our COSCO 400 has promised our customers, we must provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a day service. Liu Changning, head of COSCO 400 customer service center, said

once the promise is made, it must be kept; Although the epidemic situation is severe, we cannot break our promise. This is probably the bottom line that COSCO 400 employees adhere to

on January 23, before the Spring Festival, Wuhan was closed, and the epidemic of novel coronavirus pneumonia began to spread across the country. China entered an extraordinary period in the fight against COVID-19. This makes COSCO 400 pipe promote the optimization of industrial structure, and the managers also hesitate. Wang Shuyun, deputy general manager of the operation and management center of Sino Ocean Group and in charge of the work of Sino ocean 400, immediately held a meeting with Liu Changning and other responsible persons to communicate repeatedly. After analyzing how to apply the universal testing machine in the automotive industry? The final conclusion of the study is that the employees of COSCO 400 must stick to their posts to ensure the smooth flow of customers and services

this is not an easy choice

at that time, more than 10 employees of COSCO 400, which had more than 40 employees, were going to take a holiday during the Spring Festival and had left Tianjin to return home. At present, there are only more than 20 staff, and they must work in three shifts to ensure normal working order

in order to ensure the continuous development of COSCO 400, employees in Tianjin take action first. Some employees who took turns voluntarily gave up their vacation and returned to their posts to undertake the work tasks during the epidemic with their on-the-job colleagues

Li Yannan, from the third group of customers, entrusted her young children to the care of her family and returned to work. In order to reduce personnel contact, she cycled to and from work every day. During the Spring Festival, there were several heavy snowfalls, and Tianjin continued to cool down, freezing. Every time she arrived at the office site, her cheeks were already red with cold

customer service specialist Gao Zhenchun lives in Zhangjiawo Town, Xiqing District, which is nearly 20 kilometers away from the COSCO 400 office site. It takes several hours for buses and subways to pour down continuously. But during the epidemic, he didn't ask for a day off, let alone a day late

Commissioner sun Rui and Wu Zhihui, the transportation in their residence is very inconvenient. In order to get to work on time, they have their families pick them up every time they go to and from work to ensure that they arrive on time

because some employees cannot return and are obviously understaffed, deputy team leaders guobaoli and Ronghang work on their own, often working overtime until 8 or 9 p.m. to ensure the stability and quality of on-site service work

the work of COSCO 400 also concerns the hearts of foreign employees far away from home. Before the Spring Festival holiday was over, on January 29, gaoqiyuan of group 4 set out. In order to ensure personal protection and return to work on time, she drove all the way back to Tianjin from Dandong, Liaoning Province for more than 10 hours. It was late at night when she arrived. After arriving in Tianjin, the Neighborhood Committee informed that people returning to Tianjin from other places should be isolated for 14 days. In order not to affect her work, she contacted the person in charge of COSCO 400, arranged specific tasks, and insisted on doing what she could at home

the people of ocean 400 are racing against the epidemic and time

with their persistence, in this Spring Festival, which has never stopped work, the office of COSCO 400 has not been closed for a day. This end is Sino ocean 400, and the other end is the customer of Sino ocean. The enthusiasm of Sino Ocean Group has not stopped for even a minute

looks like a colorful neon, building an air bridge between ocean and customers

soothe anxiety: warm spring calls

under the command of the party and the state, the people of the whole country have opened a people's defense line to jointly fight the epidemic. COSCO also set up a 10million yuan special fund to fight the epidemic through its own public welfare foundation; Take various measures to actively support national epidemic prevention and control

the employees of COSCO 400 are making their own unique contributions to the fight against the epidemic in another front, a virtual space

After the outbreak of the epidemic, we found a phenomenon. The number of customers calling Sino ocean 400 has increased. Liuchangning, head of COSCO 400, said that compared with the original number of dial-in, it has increased several times

as a comprehensive customer service of COSCO Group, COSCO 400 is linked to the comprehensive coordination and communication of development, sales, property, commerce and other service types. Customers call for a variety of purposes. An epidemic, countless ocean community family residents nest at home, property community prevention and control should not be lost; Some merchants of ocean commercial facilities chose to close down, and some adjusted their business hours; After the sales site of COSCO was closed, the sales work continued

this makes customers focus on the epidemic during the Spring Festival. There are many people who ask about the specific methods of community property prevention and control, who apply for maintenance during epidemic prevention, who ask how businesses can ensure the safety of tenants, and who are concerned about the subsequent signing of products during the epidemic. Because of the epidemic, many customers' words appear to be impatient and have a strong sense of anxiety

customer service is like a willow, soft and tough. At this time, COSCO 400, in addition to quickly solving the practical problems of customers, seems to be also bearing the effect of psychological counseling

the on-the-job employees organized together, quickly understood the group's prevention and control measures and methods through exchanges with colleagues in various professional fields, compiled a special customer communication manual for epidemic prevention and control, and formulated q a one by one according to the problems that customers may ask and the requirements that they may put forward

used to identify and analyze the organizational structure of various metals and alloy materials. During the Spring Festival outbreak, employees of Sino ocean 400 customer service center who stuck to their posts

on February 6, a confirmed case was found in a certain place, and residents of the surrounding Sino ocean community immediately called Sino ocean 400 for consultation. The owner is asking, will it have any impact on our community if it is so close? Should our community strengthen the investigation? How can we guarantee our life? Customer service specialist Yuanpeng recalled that the owner's voice was urgent and anxious at that time

on the one hand, Yuan Peng contacted the property management personnel in his community and coordinated the property management to pay close attention to the owner's requirements; The one in hand has never been put down. He informed the owner of the strict prevention and control of the oceangoing community, and introduced the popular science knowledge of epidemic prevention and control. He told the owners that as long as the requirements of streets, communities and properties are followed and household hygiene and personal protection are done well, the virus is not terrible. In this way, more than an hour later, the owner finally calmed down. After receiving the news, regional manager Jia Jingjing also quickly communicated with the project personnel, paid a return visit to the caller and further comforted and explained, which won the satisfaction of the owner

sometimes, the job responsibilities of COSCO 400 are not only reflected in the black and white manual, but also engraved in the hearts of every COSCO 400 employee

it is necessary to dispatch orders timely and accurately to ensure the efficient circulation of online work orders; And let customers' demands get timely and effective feedback; Under the epidemic, COSCO 400 fully entered the actual combat state and sense of mission, allowing them to provide customers with the warmest service at the first time; Let them answer the call of customers in the most beautiful state whenever and wherever, so that customers can rest assured and comfortable

on this special spring festival, the employees of COSCO 400 have to answer several times more visits than before in the case of insufficient staff. Sometimes, at the end of the day, everyone has to answer hundreds of people and say countless words.

during the epidemic, they all wear thick masks. Because they are afraid that the customers will not hear clearly and affect the listening effect, they must increase the volume and try to chew words as much as possible. Because it is inconvenient to take off and wear masks repeatedly, they often can't drink a mouthful for most of the day late at night. When ocean 400 finally quiets down, everyone has a hoarse throat Exhausted

but we are really happy. Li Yannan showed a smile on her face, which can relieve the depression and anxiety of customers during the epidemic and make them happy. Then our hard work is worth it.

through one warm comfort after another, the employees of COSCO 400 send out intimate care and release the warmth of spring. In the Spring Festival when the epidemic is rampant, the people of ocean 400 are also the most beautiful rebels

on the windowsill of Tianjin Ocean 400 office area, there is a pot of flowers in full bloom. The sky outside the window began to become clear and blue, and the sun became bright and brilliant

I believe this winter is about to pass, and the vibrant spring is not far away

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