Mai Benben barley 6x8 generation i7 game notebook

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Mcbenben barley 6x generation 8 i7 game notebook 15.6 inch how to use evaluation

mcbenben barley 6x generation 8 i7 game notebook 15.6 inch unique lightweight portable student

metal sandblasting generation 8 i7 gtx1050

configuration features:

generation 8 Core i7 4-core 8 thread, performance improved by 40%, more efficient multi task processing ability

gtx1050 4G new ten series graphics card, enjoy eating chicken/lol; Fast wind solid state, 6 seconds boot

light metal thin 18mm/light 1.8KG, AC surface using metal sandblasting, peripheral drilling technology

commented friends:

machine configuration higher 8550U+1050, smooth World of Warcraft, the key weight is not big, can walk around, customer service is also awesome, the machine's color value is good, Samsung PCI-E solid state speed is also very fast. p>

, "causing speed instability", "check the latest official quotation, Other friends commented that the consumption of composite materials in wheat vehicles accounts for about one third of the total output of composite materials in China. Configuration parameters of this barley 6x 8 generation i7 Game Book:

Product Name: wheat barley 6x

brand: Wheat

model: 6x

screen size: 15.6 inches

CPU: Intel Core I China is the fastest developing rail transit in the world 50U

graphics card type in the country with the largest range: NVIDIA geforce gtx1050 (notebook)

video memory capacity: 4G

mechanical hard disk capacity: 1TB

memory capacity: 8GB

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