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In the past few years, focusing on the main line of "differentiation", Xiagong has firmly taken the road of intelligence, starting from its own innovation, looking for new market growth points, increasing the research and development of new products and technologies and the expansion of new fields, and gradually walked out of the industrial dilemma caused by homogeneous and low-level competition

inject "soul" into equipment

since 2011, China's construction machinery industry has entered a downturn, and the market sales have decreased by about 70% in the past five years, which has brought great pressure to most enterprises in China's construction machinery industry in the past few years. In the face of the severe market situation, the original extensive development model and the overcapacity brought by product homogenization have gradually plunged most enterprises into development quagmire

At the same time, Xiamen workers realized that in order to jump out of the strange circle, they must shape a differentiated business and core competitiveness system

aiming at the development trend of "industry 4.0" and taking "intelligent manufacturing" as the breakthrough, Xiamen Engineering Group continues to seek breakthroughs in technology, so as to promote the upgrading of user needs. Xiagong, together with China Industrial Xifei Automatic Control Institute (hereinafter referred to as "breaking industry barriers and departmental segmentation AVIC Automatic Control Institute"), has developed the core "xgje intelligent control system" of high intelligent machinery by using the integration of aviation and military industry's new generation information technology and manufacturing equipment, which has officially opened the prelude to Xiagong's digitization, informatization and intellectualization. The system integrates 8 new control systems of cutting-edge military technology, such as remote control, simulation and microelectronics, so that the intelligent manufacturing of Xiagong has its own soul

in addition to steadily developing the construction machinery industry, the technical cooperation between Xiagong and AVIC automatic control institute is still deepening. In March 2016, aviation Jieyi (Xiamen) robot technology Co., Ltd., led by Xiamen Engineering Group Co., Ltd. and AVIC Automatic Control Institute, was officially established, which enabled Xiamen Engineering Group Co., Ltd. to once again add an important backing plate to consolidate its core technology

Bai Feiping, President of Xiagong excavator

Xiagong Co., Ltd., said that relying on the strong technical R & D force and financial strength of AVIC Automatic Control Institute, accelerating the combination of research and development of IOT and telex intelligent control platform technology will more intelligently provide users with equipment health management, scientific scheduling, market information decision support, financing management and other services

collective appearance of intelligent equipment

last month, at the 2017 Xiamen industry expo, Xiamen workers made a collective appearance with a variety of intelligent equipment such as intelligent upgraded excavators, loaders and graders, focusing on the excellent performance of xgje telex intelligent control system

at the exhibition site, the operator held intelligent operation in a place more than ten meters away. The unmanned excavator weighing more than 20 tons showed high-difficulty drift skills, including 180 degree U-turn drift, 360 degree slewing, high-speed driving around the field, etc., showing the superior operation and control performance of Xiamen Engineering Equipment

Nuggets intelligent equipment Xiamen workers walk fast

with the help of xgje telex intelligent control system, operators can better adapt to extreme working conditions such as high and low temperature, high corrosion, high radiation, high dust, fire and blasting, and ensure work quality and personal safety of operators in some series of chain reactions caused by overload and major safety accidents such as earthquake, debris flow, leakage or explosion of dangerous chemicals

Xiagong intelligent equipment installed with xgje telex intelligent control system has been recognized by military and civilian user units. It has jointly built a new mine intelligent operation mode with users in wudaotong mine in Henan, showing excellent performance, especially in emergency rescue such as landslide accident in Shenzhen and debris flow in Sanming Taining

at present, Xiagong has become a strategic partner of national emergency rescue forces such as the armed police transportation force and the Armed Police Hydropower force. Xiagong customized and developed a variety of products for the armed police force, such as intelligent excavators, high-altitude demolition and rescue intelligent excavators and intelligent loaders. On this basis, through the comprehensive application of a series of advanced technologies such as xgje Jieyu intelligent telex control system and Xiagong intelligent cloud platform, Assist in building emergency rescue system solutions, meet the modern three-dimensional rescue requirements of the armed police force, and ensure the continuous and rapid operation of the force

Bai Feiping said that the development of highly intelligent emergency rescue equipment is not only the need of enterprise development, but also the social responsibility of Xiamen workers. He hopes to use construction machinery and equipment to replace the armed police officers and soldiers to engage in dangerous and hard work, so that the cost of rescue is less and less, and the rescue efficiency is higher and higher

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