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Camera common sense: number of image photoreceptors

number of image photoreceptors, that is, the number of CCD or CMOS photoreceptors of digital cameras. Most digital cameras use a single CCD (charge coupled device) as their photosensitive device, and the widening cost is several 10 times or even hundreds of times higher. Some low-end digital cameras will use CMOS. Because there are few digital cameras using CMOS as photosensitive device, it will not be discussed here. The close to professional digital camera uses ② industrial policy to support 3CCD as its photosensitive device. With a special optical prism, 3CCD image sensor can divide the light source into three primary colors: red, green and blue. These three primary colors are processed by three independent CCD image sensors respectively. The color accuracy and image quality are greatly improved compared with using one CCD image sensor

3CCD image sensor

it can be said that the difference between single CCD and 3CCD lies in their light taking. The image captured by the digital camera is produced by light. We know that any color can come out of the three primary colors, and the light we see is also produced by the mixing of the three primary colors. That is, light is composed of primary colors, which are red, green and blue respectively. The so-called 3CCD digital camera decomposes the light into three colors (red, green and blue) through a unique prism, and then processed by three independent CCD image sensors. Ensure high resolution and accurate color reproduction. Most of the cameras on the market are single CCD cameras, which reproduce the color through four auxiliary colors. However, the conversion from auxiliary color to primary color must be interpreted by digital camera, and the interpretation process will lead to color error. However, the 3CCD image sensor can display the original color of the image almost intact, so there will be no color error due to the interpretation of the camera

single CCD and 3CCD can almost be used as the mark to divide "professional" and "non professional" digital cameras. Theoretically, the imaging and sensitivity of 3CCD are better than that of single CCD. In addition to the number of CCD, Honghu should also pay attention to the size of photosensitive devices when selecting digital cameras. But generally speaking, I like to shoot home videos with digital cameras, or 20. Test bench return: for users who can manually return to the initial position of the experiment at the highest speed for travel records, a single CCD digital camera is enough. 3CCD is favored by professional users, such as TV stations or independent filmmakers, because of its excellent imaging and its price is cheaper than film cameras

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