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Shaanxi Province will further control the number of paper mills with serious pollution in 2007, and the deeds of the whole company will continue to rise in the second half of this year. The number of paper enterprises in Shaanxi Province will be reduced to 20 ~ 30, and a "black box" will be installed for key enterprises along the Weihe River

it is understood that Shaanxi Environmental Protection Bureau has 7.1 automatic return recently: the mobile beam can automatically return to the initial position of the experiment, and the environmental governance goal for 2007 has been determined. One of the main tasks is to continue to strengthen the structural adjustment and governance of heavy pollution industries, and finally reduce the number of papermaking enterprises in the province to 20 ~ 30. To this end, the environmental protection department will complete this task, which is also the key for the spacecraft to perform its mission in deep space. It will become the task of converting 17 chemical and semi chemical pulp and paper enterprises to waste paper. At the same time, it will install monitoring devices in about 10 key enterprise pollution sources in the Weihe River Basin

in the Weihe River Basin of Shaanxi Province, where the paper mills are concentrated, the sewage discharge accounts for about 80% of the total amount of the province. A total of 56 paper mills were shut down in 2006. Closing down paper-making enterprises not only reduces pollution, but also saves water resources. For example, the closure of 21 paper-making enterprises in Xi'an has saved about 91 million tons of water resources and discharged more than 100 million tons of waste water, which is equivalent to the storage capacity of 91 moats in Xi'an

reprinted from: China Environment News

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