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Kingyato helps Indonesian mobile users safely back up private data

kingyato, the global leader in digital security, has been selected by elasitas. Kingyato allynis service center provides Lingus intelligent backup service for Indonesian mobile users in software-as-a-service mode. Elasitas is a local mobile technology company that specializes in serving all leading domestic operators with a total of 270 million users [1]. This transaction enables 40 million Indonesian users [2] to securely back up, synchronize and store personal information on. This solution, called backapp by elasitas, has complete independence and enables end users to transmit data on different devices and platforms

secure applications make it easy to store and protect personal information, such as books, photos, videos and music, in the same place. Users can download applications from the app store and back up and restore data to other mobile devices in case of loss, damage or replacement. Users can choose the most suitable storage scheme according to their requirements

mobile devices contain many valuable personal experiences. From friends' information to favorite music and videos, we have reached an emotional contract with mobile devices. Arthur Surya, CEO of elasitas, said that jinyatuo solution is a safe and simple solution, which can expand user backup services from contact information to multimedia content. It is scalable, safe and reliable, which helps our operator customers contact more users

jinyatuo survey found that if provided, 80% of mobile users will use cloud based data backup service [3]. Michael A, director of jinyatuo South Asia and Japan, said that the oil cylinder of microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine adopts clearance sealed grinding oil cylinder U. in emerging markets such as Indonesia, the penetration of intelligent market is increasing, and small enterprises especially rely on the integrity of the book. We have developed a simple corporate data protection method for them. By deploying more than 100 backup schemes, jinyatuo can provide personal data protection for millions of end users around the world

about jinyatuo

there are also ship segmentation and equipment manufacturers in the team. Jinyatuo is a leading manufacturer in the field of global digital security, with an annual turnover of 2.5 billion euros in 2014 and blue chip customers in more than 180 countries

jinyatuo helps people trust each other in the increasingly connected digital world. Everyone pursues a better lifestyle, a more intelligent living environment, and can communicate, shop, travel, handle banking, entertainment and work with others anytime and anywhere in a safe and pleasant way. In such a fast-paced mobile and digital environment, we help enterprises and government departments provide many reliable and convenient services by protecting financial transactions, mobile services, public and private clouds, e-health care system, e-government service access, Internet and IOT, and transportation ticketing system

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