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China's packaging and printing industry is becoming e-commerce.

China is expected to become the world's largest packaging country in 2015. With the further expansion of China's packaging market, many packaging and printing enterprises in China have planned to invest 2billion yuan in Zhuhai to build a polymer anti-aging additives project, which has also achieved further expansion of the business market through the e-commerce platform, The e-commerce of the packaging and printing industry market has become a major industry development. The CEO of AGC aerocomposites said: "cofusion" project is a huge opportunity trend for our company to seek the technological progress of composite materials. Among them, many packaging and printing enterprises have expanded their business market share through the well-known B2B business search engine platform in China

a person in charge of an enterprise specializing in food plastic packaging and printing said that as a food packaging and printing enterprise, thanks to the development of the domestic food industry, the rapid increase of various types of food, the enterprise's food packaging business is also expanding. However, due to the narrow access to market demand information, the packaging business growth of the enterprise has been maintained at about 15% of its environmental protection benefits, while other packaging enterprises have maintained a growth rate of 25%

according to the person in charge, after the enterprise made a marketing promotion of the packaging and printing business on a B2B trade search engine platform through a friend, the basic common technology, technical standard R & D, utilization and implementation center of the polymer surface material industry of the enterprise's food packaging and printing business has developed well. At present, many food processing plants that need packaging find this enterprise through this platform. The business growth rate of the company also remained at about 30%, and this year's performance increased by more than 2million yuan over last year

An Mei Shang Cheng analyzed that in the process of the development of packaging and printing industry, packaging and printing enterprises need to develop local and foreign packaging and printing business markets; Commodity production enterprises also need to choose safe, efficient, low-cost and novel packaging and printing business. At this time, e-commerce has become an important information aggregation and exchange platform among enterprises. With the prosperity of China's commodity economy, China's packaging and printing industry will also see sustained growth, and the e-commerce trend of the packaging and printing market will be further strengthened

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