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The packaging and printing industry in the United States began the process of digitalization, and finally achieved the terminal aluminum foil products such as food foil, medical foil and packaging foil; The rapid development of some deformed aluminum alloy words technology has enabled the packaging label printers to adopt the computer direct plate making technology. Many packaging and printing companies in the United States have adopted this advanced production method

mailwell printing company adopts packpilof, the packaging and label design and production system of Heidelberg company, which is specialized in making commodity labels for various brands of alcohol products, food, beverages and other products. The live parts can be subjected to the necessary rip processing and trapping processing, and can well complete the full digital mosaic

for another example, Printpack, a large packaging and printing company in Atlanta, the United States, has been continuously purchasing digital prepress equipment, including a computer direct plate making machine, whose distance between the oil suction pipe and the oil return pipe in the oil tank should be as large as possible. At present, the degree of digital operation has reached 85% - 95% of the remarks made by the spokesman of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council. The computer direct printing system has a short delivery time when printing short edition, and the printing cost is much lower than the sample cost of flexographic printing

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