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In the first half of 2014, the sales performance of Pengcheng wallpaper continued to rise, and its four major wallpaper brands showed a strong upward trend in the national sales market, and the results were all red. All these achievements are inseparable from the sales elites of all departments of Pengcheng

time flows and years stack. Pengcheng wallpaper, which has accumulated and prospered, has gone through three legendary years. Pengcheng wallpaper has experienced three years of enrichment, and three years of developing the wallpaper business with the company's excellent sales team and customers across the country. In these three years, Pengcheng wallpaper has established a far-reaching brand effect in the national wallpaper market and achieved outstanding results that have attracted the attention of the industry

the sales team created good performance

in the first half of 2014, the sales performance of Pengcheng wallpaper continued to rise. Its four major wallpaper brands - Pengcheng, Lanting, jiabaili and Jiahua wallpaper showed a strong upward trend in the national sales market, and their achievements were all red. All these achievements are inseparable from the sales elites of all departments of Pengcheng

Pengcheng wallpaper has eight automatic professional wallpaper production lines, and its four major wallpaper brands are equipped with four strong sales teams, whose marketing radiates the national wallpaper market. According to the actual situation of its own development and in combination with the characteristics of the national sales market, Pengcheng wallpaper has set up branches at the strategic intersection of each market region step by step and with emphasis, and established a comprehensive wallpaper marketing service system integrating product sales, goods distribution, warehouse storage and transportation, and after-sales service

it is precisely because Pengcheng wallpaper sales elites have continuously improved their service quality and business ability in the marketing practice, so that the business of a group of old customers can be consolidated and developed. They strengthen the communication with customers in the sales area they are responsible for, think more ways, and establish a good cooperative relationship; They constantly summarize their work, improve their working methods, strengthen the study of professional knowledge involved in their work, timely understand the production and operation of customers, and timely deal with problems found; They can timely feed back the customer's requirements and product quality to the relevant departments, and strengthen the communication and cooperation with horizontal departments, so that the company's product quality and service can meet the needs of customers, and finally make Pengcheng wallpaper grow rapidly

belief is the soul support of the sales team

an excellent sales team must have firm belief. In other words, the sales team should have a hundred times confidence and firm belief in the cause they are engaged in. In the sense of faith alone, it will not produce any economic value, but when faith is injected into the heart of every sales elite, it will promote the behavior of the elite, stimulate the potential of the elite, and in a challenging period of time, it will actively overcome difficulties, achieve excellent performance, and produce the value of quantitative change to qualitative change. This abstract concept is transformed into concrete actions, which makes the sales elites of Pengcheng rise a realm of self digestion and self experience from the bottom of their hearts. With such a sales realm, it is natural for the sales team to create rising excellent performance. In this way, it is not difficult to understand the reason why the Pengcheng wallpaper sales team is in charge

Pengcheng wallpaper sales team upholds firm faith, breaks the traditional cycle law of low and peak seasons, and achieves excellent sales performance with firm faith. Make full preparations in the early stage, seize the favorable opportunity to continuously explore the market, accumulate customers, summarize experience, constantly optimize and adjust the regional structure, refine high-quality customers, quantify the sales quota, and become increasingly sophisticated with remarkable results. The sales team of Pengcheng explained the perfect results with actions from beginning to end

every elite of Pengcheng wallpaper sales team eliminates all interference, and holds the belief that they can create good sales performance every month. They get rid of their arms and take steps to really do solid work in the sales market, setting off a wave of team work, performance and miracles. Firm faith is the driving force of Pengcheng sales team. In the face of difficulties, elites can actively face them, resolve them one by one, and finally achieve the set goals

in addition to the usual work PK, the Pengcheng sales team also often carries out sports PK. They integrate this firm belief into basketball, football and tug of war, regard each activity as a battle of honor, sprint towards the first place, and have the sales spirit of giving up others and daring to rush

thank the platform and customers. Pengcheng wallpaper sales elites have honed their growth, accumulated experience, contacted customers, developed markets and planned for the future in three years. They are heart to heart with customers and grow together with enterprises. Now, with 100 times confidence and efforts, they hope to create a greater sales miracle in the second half of 2014, and move towards a higher sales target with excellent sales performance




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