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Many people complain that there is too little space in the bedroom and sundries are everywhere, but due to the limitations of practical conditions, they can't change a large space, and often feel very distressed. In fact, as long as we deal with the bedroom space reasonably, we can still free up enough space to put sundries, and we won't feel that the space is not enough. Here are some secrets that can make the small bedroom into a big space. Come and have a look

there are only two functions of the bedroom: rest and storage. It doesn't seem cramped to complete these two functions at the same time in a small space, which requires some thought. If the room type is not ideal and a room has multiple applications, the development of space is a real challenge for the owners

problem 1: what to do when a guest comes

the owners of two bedrooms and one living room or even three bedrooms and one living room must be worried about this problem. Who has no relatives or sisters? A master bedroom, a children's room, a study, guests come, do you really let people go to the living room to make a floor berth? The integration of multi-function in one space is a problem often encountered in small-area rooms

solution: the house is small and ingenious. At this time, the daily study can be transformed into a temporary room. The difficulty lies in how not to let the bed occupy a place when there are no visitors, and how to rest comfortably. The owner of this family integrated the workshop, study and guest room completely. The owner thought very carefully, and considered the function and purpose of each room at the beginning of decoration, so that the designer can seamlessly install the bed in the bookcase. This will not add an idle room to a small room, but also have an independent study

suitable group: there is no problem with staying for a long time or a short time. It is suitable for all families who do not prepare a single room

stone of another mountain: comrades who don't want to occupy the bookcase space can add a folding sofa in the study, which can be opened when guests come

problem 2: what if there is no workspace

people who buy houses for the first time must have a deep feeling about this problem. The house is not big enough. It is usually a super small house within 50 square meters. It is too crowded for a single person or a couple to live in. A separate study is not extravagant at first, but there must be a place where you can surf the Internet, read books, and recharge your batteries to study, right

solution: it is still an old problem with multiple functions in space. It's not difficult to solve. With a little thought, the bedroom and work area can be perfectly integrated. The owners of this family are two fashionable young people. They abandoned the bedside table and set the workbench next to the bed. In fact, the two areas also need a quiet atmosphere. After work, they can directly fall asleep without effort. The first case is also an example of the perfect combination of bedroom and work area. But it uses “ Hide ” And the owner of this family used “ Harmony &rdquo

another one can also be regarded as a model of the perfect combination of work area, guest room and master bedroom. Guests' bedding is placed under the shelf in the work area, and daily use is completely unaffected; The guest room area can also serve as a tea room. Use a soft partition to divide the two areas, and the privacy of the master bedroom will not be affected. If you want to rest when you are sleepy at work, you can turn around to be a big bed, and you won't wake up again

suitable for people: people with super small rooms and low requirements for working areas, but high utilization rate

stones from other mountains: the more avant-garde way is to put the mattress directly on the floor and connect a work area next to it, which is extremely space-saving. It is suitable for people who need to get up and work at irregular times (such as midnight). Getting up from bed is a workbench

problem 3: what if the bedroom is too small? Some people often complain that the bedroom is too small, or the room setting is unreasonable, and the available space has shrunk a lot. Different reasons have different solutions

method 1: pure space function

abandon the storage function, and let the bedroom exist only for sleeping and rest. The owner of this family is very smart. In the only 6 square meter cabin, a small bed is made against the wall. The large drawer under the bed can be easily stored. Books and records are placed on the shelf on the wall, making the bedroom a rich entertainment and relaxation space. The owner's original intention was to build a nanny room, but when it was completed, it became her favorite place

suitable for people: families with narrow bedrooms and unable to expand their area

method 2: tap available space

naturally, the most important role in the bedroom is a comfortable big bed, but it is common in the market that 1.8× The 2.0 meter bed is really not small, and adding a bed frame takes up more space. At this time, you need to boldly eliminate the routine and conventional design, and come as you want to save space. If you are not careful, it will become your unique secret

this bedroom adopts the method of directly placing mattresses on the floor without bed frame and head, which saves a lot of space. No bedside doesn't mean there is nothing to read in bed. Multiple thick bags can make you as comfortable as you want. Most importantly, both sides of the bed are against the wall, which makes it more relaxed and safe psychologically

suitable group: friends who have one bedroom and get through the partition by themselves

problem 4: what if the room type is not ideal




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