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The sales volume of packaging and testing industry in Taiwan, China is expected to increase significantly in June

according to relevant reports, with the growth of consumer demand in the field of electronics and networking, the sales of packaging and testing companies in Taiwan will increase significantly in June

Taiwan ASE Semiconductor Co., Ltd. predicts that its sales volume in the second quarter will continue to grow by 10%, and is confident that the company's revenue will reach a new high in June

previously, market observers had worried that IC design companies had overstocked too much inventory, and the utilization rate of processing plants would continue to decline in the third quarter. However, ASE had a strong market performance in the second quarter, which was contrary to the analysis of observers

recently, it was reported that ASE Singapore company planned to purchase 200 testing equipment in Taiwan. It is reported that ASE has been promised by international customers to purchase for a long time. It is also reported that due to the establishment of damage tolerance rules in recent years, the chip inspection service provider ardente and winstek have all booked their products from May to June. In addition, it is also revealed that their respective revenues in these two months can reach NT $200million to NT $300million (US $6.2 to US $9.3 million)

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