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Independent research and development and innovation boost the take-off of packaging machinery enterprises

packaging machinery has injected new blood into the whole production, speeding up production again, breaking the limitations of production and the development of the machinery industry, and bringing development in many aspects. At the same time, its unique advantages in production are particularly important in the whole operation link, and its advantages in production are self-evident

what is different from the previous development is that the current packaging machinery has experienced a long development cycle for the settled enterprises in the market. During this development period, rich market experience and technical summary have been accumulated, and the market has been continuously expanded. Many gaps in technology and market have been made up, and the number of manufacturers has also been rapidly increased. In such an environment, The fastest change is technology, which is changing with each passing day

now packaging machinery has developed to a deeper level, and has a deeper understanding and understanding of technology, so changes are relatively fast. On the other hand, it is affected by the market, because the demand of customers in the market is relatively large, and the demand is also different, so technology can only meet the needs of the market in an all-round way after reaching a high level. In a market with rapidly changing technology, only enterprises that can have independent research and development strength and can adhere to continuous innovation can guide the development of the market

technology is the primary productive force. It is found in the display of the workstation that the travel of the actuator is only ± 10mm, and the normal condition should be ± 50mm. At this time, there is a problem in the system setting, so the society pays more attention to this gorgeous color to make the design more pleasing to the eye. The production needs of customers of packaging machinery are naturally changed according to the needs of consumers, Now the consumption trend of consumers continues to be personalized, so only by grasping the core of technology and the general trend of market development can we have a distinctive development in the market

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