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90% of independent parts enterprises are excluded and face elimination

China's top 100 auto parts enterprises, which have been in a row for 12 years, have less celebration this year, replacing them with a heavy sense of anxiety about the future. "A common phenomenon among the top 100 parts enterprises this year is the sharp decline in profit margin." China chooses ADC0809 chip It is a CMOS data collection device, pointed out Li Qingwen, chairman of energy vehicle communication group and President of China Automotive News

on the other hand, the overall performance of the automobile market this year is good. According to the data of China Automobile Association, China's automobile production and sales in August were 21.4305 million and 21.0791 million, with a year-on-year increase of 7.21% and 6.14%. Among them, the growth rate of passenger vehicle production and sales is about 10%, which is due to the decline of commercial vehicle production and sales, which has pulled down the overall growth rate

an important reason for the decline in profits of parts enterprises is that parts manufacturers lacking technology are losing customers. "It used to be the largest customer, but now they are gradually turning to international parts manufacturers. The joint venture system is difficult to enter, and it is being abandoned by vehicle manufacturers." On December 9, at the above-mentioned top 100 parts meeting, Wang Ruixiang, President of the China Federation, spoke fiercely about the current situation of domestic parts development

Wang Ruixiang believes that the independent parts enterprises have been abandoned since the original sandwich layer, indicating that the whole automobile has reached a critical period. Parts are the basis, but at present, it is difficult for domestic independent parts to support the development of the whole vehicle, especially in the high-tech and high value-added products that need to wait for 1 minute to restart

Wang Ruixiang predicts that 90% of independent parts will be eliminated in the next year. "There are about 200000 parts enterprises now, and more than 13000 above the scale. After 2020, there may be only about 2000 left, and most of them will be eliminated."

the progress of parts is slow

in recent years, with the significant improvement of the quality and technical level of self owned brand products, self owned brand vehicle manufacturers are increasingly inclined to adopt international brand parts and components as product selling points

for example, Chery arizer 3, which has just been listed, uses more than a dozen well-known foreign suppliers such as Bosch in Germany and Valeo in France. For another example, H6, the main model of great wall, also tells consumers more about the strength of its parts suppliers. "There are many domestic spare parts suppliers, which are only limited to chrome plating strips on the body, simple interior accessories and other aspects. In terms of core components, it is difficult for them to enter independently." Wang Ruixiang said

"fundamentally speaking, the biggest advantage of independent parts enterprises is cost performance, but there is still a gap in technology." Guokonghui, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said. In the field of basic peripheral parts, such as steering knuckle, wheel hub, navigation, reversing radar, the level of domestic independent parts can be comparable with that of international, but there is still a large gap with foreign capital in the core technology fields such as body controller, braking system, steering system, automatic transmission, etc

however, at the same time, domestic self owned brand vehicles have entered a new stage of development with consumption upgrading. "The implementation of the national Three Guarantees act and the consumers' demand for quality improvement force the whole vehicle to improve its quality, which also puts forward new requirements for parts manufacturers. However, when the whole vehicle is developing rapidly, parts manufacturers have not kept up." Wang Ruixiang pointed out

independent parts manufacturers who lack technology gradually fall into the fate of being abandoned by independent vehicle manufacturers. For foreign brands, even joint venture brands, it is obviously more difficult to enter their supply system. Industry insiders said that although the joint venture claimed that the localization rate was as high as 95%, in fact, more than 80% of its suppliers came from the original parent brand system. When it was made in China, it followed the whole vehicle to build a factory in China to make supporting facilities, and few suppliers really came from China

reflected in the company's performance is the continuous decline in the profit margin of independent parts enterprises. Ping An Securities pointed out in the research report that the profit growth of the auto parts industry in 2013 was gradually flat, and the profit margin was declining year by year. In the first eight months of 2014, the profit growth rate was 20.6%, which was lower than the 21.6% growth rate of last year.

90% of the parts manufacturers will be eliminated.

a local parts manufacturer said that an important reason why local parts manufacturers can't make progress in technology is the insufficient investment in R & D, which is still in the original stage. "I once asked GM how to enter their supply chain, and their reply was that they must spend 10% - 20% of the profits every year as R & D expenses. If they persist for years, they will be able to compete with each other."

however, it is still very difficult for most local component manufacturers to take such a huge share of profits. "Our profits are thin and our family background is weak. How can we invest in research and development like the powerful international parts giants, forming a vicious circle." Said the supplier of the above parts

by 2020, the development of China's own brand cars will face the most important historical stage. At the same time, parts will also usher in an important time point of adjustment. "As the United States and other developed countries have experienced, parts will be further integrated to form large-scale operations. In addition, how to keep up with the development of complete vehicles and how to establish and develop the brand of parts are strategic issues." Wang Ruixiang said

in the real dilemma, some local component manufacturers are breaking through in various ways. Among them, Shengrui transmission and Longpan technology adhere to independent development and master core technology. Others, such as Junsheng and Shandong Yongtai, quickly entered the supply chain of foreign brands through the acquisition of foreign parts enterprises

"M & A is the quickest way at present, but we should be able to control the acquired enterprises, otherwise it will become a burden." Zhangpusen, chairman of Zhejiang Qianjiang spring, said. Qianjiang spring once planned to wholly acquire a spring manufacturer in the United States, but finally gave up due to cultural differences

"the dream of becoming a powerful automobile country needs to be based on the spare parts industry, otherwise it will be a castle in the air, nonsense." Academician guokonghui said frankly that the country should pay more attention to the development of parts and components and establish a strong foundation, rather than just being enthusiastic about the development of complete vehicles

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