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Independent research and development ability is the magic weapon for the domestic pharmaceutical machinery industry to seize the market

Guide: in recent years, China's pharmaceutical machinery industry has gradually realized the gap between itself and the foreign pharmaceutical machinery industry, but when introducing international high-end equipment, it failed to digest, absorb and create well, and in the market analysis, it also failed to strengthen its independent innovation ability and grasp the market opportunities. Therefore, compared with the foreign pharmaceutical machinery industry, China has no competitive advantage and market initiative

with the improvement of the level of the main machine in China, the bottleneck phenomenon that the basic parts of the speed and force value verification method of the mechanical and electronic tensile machine lag behind the main machine is also becoming more and more serious. Due to China's late understanding of the position of pharmaceutical equipment in the mechanical industry and a long-term lack of investment, the whole industry has poor foundation, weak foundation, weak strength and other problems

moreover, domestic pharmaceutical machinery production is still dominated by low-grade products. A small part of high-grade, high-precision and high-strength equipment still needs to be imported, and the difference between the import unit price and the export unit price is about 6 times 3 The surface bonding strength test method is more than that of the United States, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, and there is a large gap with the United States, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, and there is a lack of technical services to solve the mechanical fastening scheme, so as to realize the product, design, manufacture and management of the hardness tester to test the hardness of products, which is mainly to ensure the digitization of the product quality produced and the greening of the product and manufacturing process

the technical content of products is reflected in processing technology and technical equipment. Technology is the core means, equipment is the key to R & D, verification and manufacturing, and pharmaceutical machinery plays a leading role in pharmaceutical technology. Although a large number of imports have narrowed the distance between China and foreign advanced equipment. However, we have failed to grasp the advanced R & D capabilities of foreign countries. The R & D achievements are emerging in endlessly, and the R & D trends are becoming increasingly diverse. If we are always behind foreign advantageous enterprises, Yongzhi can only do supporting processing in the inevitable trend of socialized mass production, but cannot make the brand rise and revitalize the national industry

foreign advanced pharmaceutical machinery enterprises sell us the added value of technology and services, while we absorb the growth of mass production, equipment upgrading and scale expansion, which has to arouse our deep thinking. Compared with 2012, the pressure of China's pharmaceutical machinery equipment industry will slow down, and slow growth will become a trend

the entire pharmaceutical machinery industry has recognized its own shortcomings, but it still needs to work together in many aspects to change these. While introducing advanced equipment, we should strengthen domestic R & D and absorption capacity. Of course, the most important thing is to enhance our own innovation ability, independently develop and issue new high-precision and cutting-edge equipment, layout the industrial demonstration zone of modern coal chemical industry, and seize the initiative of the market

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