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India may shut down Google and Skype based on security. According to foreign media reports on August 14, the Indian government may shut down the Internet information service business of Google and Skype in India for security reasons. This is another measure taken by the Indian government after it plans to shut down BlackBerry's local communication service

according to the financial times, citing the meeting minutes of officials of the Indian Ministry of telecommunications security and the association of telecommunications operators, the content of the solution of encrypted communication technology for "interception and monitoring": participants agreed that the solutions of companies such as BlackBerry, Skype and Google have more than one communication service, and the government should first solve the problem of BlackBerry communication service

on August 12, the Indian government also became one of several countries threatening to cut off rim's encrypted BlackBerry email and instant messaging services, provided that rim failed to solve the information security problems that these countries are concerned about

it is reported that the Indian government has given rim a deadline of August 31, and hopes to access BlackBerry's encrypted communication service in a readable format, because this encrypted service may be used by militants to resist government tracking due to the small clinical sample size

according to the source, rim previously agreed to provide BlackBerry user code to the Saudi government. Therefore, India, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Algeria are also seeking the same solution

in addition, some Indian officials suggested that rim could enable the government to track the email information without providing encryption details. However, the Indian government said that such information was far from enough for the government

according to another report, two representatives of telecom operators who attended the meeting at the beginning of the month confirmed the media reports. Rajesh chharia, chairman of the Indian Association of Internet service providers, said, "at the last security meeting, all government departments were discussing the issue of BlackBerry. They also highlighted Skype and Google."

it is reported that if the Indian government closes the service, it will affect 1million Indian BlackBerry users, and India has 41million smart users. India is one of rim's fastest-growing markets in the world

rim operates its own communication network independently through security servers located in Canada and other countries (such as the UK), which is very different from its competitors Nokia and apple. 6. Stress testing. Easy technology

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