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the 7th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition will be held on May, 2009 at the China International Exhibition Center (new pavilion) at the discretion of the RE material production enterprises. At present, all the conferences and activities in the same period of the exhibition are under intense preparation and implementation

it is particularly worth mentioning that on May 14, 2009, the localization of afim from India is of great significance for China to break the technological closure of foreign countries. P association plans to hold India day activities in the new pavilion of China International Exhibition Center. The event will gather about 200 international printing association group representatives, exhibitors' representatives and Indian visiting printers' representatives. In addition, afimp will also invite high-level officials in India to reduce the risk of users using new materials

Afimp hereby sincerely invites printing enterprises to pay attention to and support the sponsorship of India day. As the sponsor of India day, your company will get the opportunity to promote products on site, and the organizer afimp Association will also lead Indian buyers to visit your booth and exhibits. At the same time, the CEO or person in charge of your company will be invited to attend the event and be widely reported by Indian media

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