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The 1000 kV 320000 KVA UHV shunt reactor developed by the West substation was transported to the Southeast Shanxi substation

product introduction

with the successful development of China's first million volt transformer and the recent Evonik in the domestic reactor, this absolute advantage in the market has been confirmed in the weathering test in the laboratory. In the 1000 kV Southeast Shanxi Nanyang Jingmen UHV AC transmission test demonstration project of the State Grid Corporation of China, the West transformer company of China XD Group obtained four 320000 KVA substations in Southeast Shanxi, nine 240000 KVA substations in Nanyang Supply contract for four 200000 kvar shunt reactors in Jingmen Substation

at the same time, the company also signed the supply contract of two high-end converter transformers and 14 low-end converter transformers for Guangdong Suidong converter station, the world's first ± 800 kV high-voltage DC transmission project of China Southern Power Corporation, and the contract of two high-end converter transformers and eight low-end converter transformers for Xiangjiaba Shanghai ± 800 kV high-voltage DC transmission project

the world's first 1000 kV, 240000 KVA shunt reactor has been successfully developed in the West substation, and its technical performance has reached the international leading level; On March 9, the 1000 kV, 320000 KVA shunt reactor with the highest voltage level and the largest capacity in the world passed all type tests in the West substation at one time; On August 10, the world's first ± 800 kV DC transmission project converter transformer was born in the West substation; At present, the products provided by the West substation for Nanyang substation and Jindongnan substation have been basically installed and debugged successfully, and will be put into operation in December; Million volt reactor and UHV DC converter transformer are designed and manufactured by the company through independent innovation technology platform and on the basis of scientific research and mastering core technology. The products have completely independent intellectual property rights

technical introduction

the first batch of UHV shunt reactors developed by the West substation are all first-time designs, but all passed the test at one time, with excellent performance indicators such as local discharge, noise, vibration, local overheating, etc. Since 2005, the West substation has invested a lot of resources in scientific research, established a 1000 kV engineering office with enterprise leaders as the core, and formulated a special quality schedule assurance plan including R & D, production, supply, shipping, on-site service and other links. For example, when completing the material tensile test, it established the design principle of "safe, reliable, advanced, applicable, economical and reasonable"

in order to be safe, the company has organized internal experts to conduct technical review and exchange of design schemes and drawings for six times. On this basis, domestic, Italian and Russian experts organized by State Grid Corporation of China have carried out design scheme review and verification for many times to continuously improve and optimize product design

on the basis of fully learning from the manufacturing and operation experience of similar products at home and abroad, the company finally adopted the two column series structure for the million volt reactor, and made breakthroughs in the research and application of key technologies such as partial discharge control, partial overheating control and vibration and noise suppression

referring to UHV DC converter transformer, MI Chuanlong, chief engineer of West transformer, told, "this is the first time in the world to be used in ± 800 kV DC transmission line. There is no precedent in the world. We completely make it by ourselves on the basis of digestion and absorption."

in the development process, due to the lack of support from its bushing, switch and other main materials and components for the previously introduced digestion and absorption technology, West transformer purchased globally, and made innovations in improving the reliability of converter transformer, completing the development of new DC outlet structure, the use of built-in nonlinear resistance, the use of new components and other key technologies, including the manufacturing technology level and overall strength, It has successfully achieved technological upgrading and leapfrog development

background introduction

as the most advanced power transmission technology in the world, UHV transmission has not been applied on a large scale in the world. According to luyansun, a special consultant of the China Machinery Industry Federation, the highest voltage level of AC in operation in the world is 750 kV, and the highest voltage level of DC transmission projects is ± 600 kV. There are no commercial 1000 kV AC and 800 kV DC UHV equipment

"1000 kV, 320000 KVA reactors have not been made abroad, and 240000 KVA reactors have been made abroad but have not been put into operation. Now we have not only made reactors that do not exist abroad, but also will be put into operation soon." Mi Chuanlong told that his pride was evident. "This is due to the improvement of the technology research and development level and unremitting efforts of the enterprise in recent years, and is also inseparable from the independent innovation of the enterprise."

as early as the mid-1990s, the West substation began to carry out research on the key technologies of 1000 kV transformer and shunt reactor. In 2005, China's first 750 kV power transmission and transformation project transformer and shunt reactor were successfully developed, which laid the foundation for the rapid development of West transformer in UHV AC field

while the product voltage is constantly upgrading and the capacity is rising, the West transformation gives full play to the advantages of product categories. In the fields of traction transformer, rectifier transformer, electric furnace transformer and so on, the West transformer is constantly refreshing its own records. At present, the shunt reactor of the West substation has occupied half of the Chinese market, and the newly built only professional reactor production line in China has made the West substation even more powerful

at the same time, the West substation has always been in the forefront of the domestic transformer industry in terms of DC transmission technology. At the end of last century, the enterprise seized the opportunity to participate in the construction of the Three Gorges project, and through the introduction of technology, digestion and absorption, research and innovation, promotion and application, it has successively provided 30 sets of converter transformers and smoothing reactors with international advanced level for the three constant voltage, three wide voltage and three ± 500 kV DC transmission projects

In July, 2005, the converter transformer and the flat wave reactor independently developed by the West transformer can also carry out automatic control experiments of constant speed loading and constant speed displacement. It was put into operation on the first Northwest Central China lianlingbao back-to-back DC project in China, and took the lead in realizing the localization of UHV DC transmission technology. From 1999 to 2005, in just six years, the West substation has achieved a three-step leap from the introduction of technology, cooperative production, joint design, subcontracting production to independent design and mass production of DC transmission equipment

in 2006, xibian contracted Gaoling Back-to-Back project, and in 2007, it signed a supply contract for UHV transmission project, becoming one of the domestic manufacturers that undertook DC transmission projects earliest, with the largest number of projects, the most advanced technology level and the highest contract amount

expert comments

on November 1, the first 1000 kV, 240000 KVA shunt reactor developed by the West transformer for the 1000 kV high voltage test demonstration project at home and abroad, the first 1000 kV, 320000 KVA shunt reactor with the highest voltage level and the largest capacity at home and abroad, and the converter transformer developed by the West transformer as the world's first ± 800 kV DC transmission project, It has passed the national appraisal organized by China Machinery Industry Federation

"the former Soviet Union has only 300000 KVA, so 1000 kV and 320000 KVA high-voltage resistors have set a real world record," Wang Shaowu, the UHV Construction Department of the state power company, said at the appraisal meeting. In addition, the partial discharge level, insulation and other indicators of the product are very good, and the product performance is stable. More than ten million level reactors and five converter transformers developed have all passed the test at one time

the appraisal committee organized by Zhu Yinghao and Li Linie, academicians of the National Academy of engineering, believes that the million level reactors are completely self-designed and self manufactured, with the advantages of reliable insulation, low noise, low vibration, low loss, small partial discharge, etc., and the main technical indicators of the products have reached the international leading level; The converter transformer is independently designed and manufactured, and two groups of 12 pulse valve groups are connected in series, which realizes the localization of UHV DC converter transformer, fills the domestic gap and reaches the international advanced level

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