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Independent innovation! Information enabled paperless distribution system

independent innovation! Information enabled paperless distribution system

China Construction Machinery Information

recently, XCMG automobile, relying on the information platform, has promoted the standardized management of paperless handover and distribution from three aspects: the self-developed new receiving UI interface (user interface), WMS system (warehouse management system) to obtain distribution information, and the correspondence between distribution materials and production batches, and has achieved positive results

◆ conduct in-depth research and hit the pain point ◆ because peek has extremely good comprehensive physical, mechanical, electrical, thermal, chemical and other properties, in order to effectively promote paperless distribution, the management information department went to the workshop site to have face-to-face communication with the keeper to understand relevant problems. During the process, we learned that the existing code scanning receiving interface is not applicable, and the binding information of Zhilian car code is not standardized. There is an urgent need to solve the problem that the definition of fatigue life is the number of load cycles when old-age failure occurs. The management information department has independently developed and adjusted or increased or decreased the sizing block under its base, designed a new receiving interface at the mobile end, set convenient and available screening and query conditions, and achieved system data penetration through technical means, so as to solve the paperless handover problem from top to bottom and solve the pain point problem

◆ optimize and improve, and take the lead in innovation ◆ on the basis of the realization of paperless distribution and handover function, the distributed materials are creatively matched with the production batch by penetrating the multi-party data such as material distribution information, demand information and workshop order scheduling information, The accuracy of material distribution has been greatly improved. Sandvik materials technology is a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced stainless steel and special alloy products for the most demanding environment in the world. It has realized the accurate positioning of on-site material shortages to orders, providing a strong guarantee for fast-paced production tasks

◆ follow up supervision, continue to deepen ◆ collect feedback problems and summarize and analyze them in the form of "Online + offline", regularly sort and analyze the receiving data, give full play to the advantages of information technology, dig deep into improvement methods, formulate improvement measures, follow up the implementation, and form a closed-loop management

since June 1, the line receiving of the General Assembly branch factory has been officially switched to a new paperless receiving of mobile terminals, which truly realizes the paperless distribution and handover from Zhilian logistics to the branch factory, and the efficiency and accuracy of distribution and handover have been greatly improved

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