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Zoomlion Electric: independent innovation leads the international trend

Guide: electrical control technology company is one of the supporting business divisions of Zoomlion Heavy Industry, specializing in the technical research and development, manufacturing and service support of electronic control system of construction machinery products. Wang Xianhong led the research team to develop a suitable high heat stable metal catalytic system business. As the nerve center of Zoomlion products, the electric control technology company actively cooperates with the design of the electronic control system of the main engine products, and increases

electric control technology company is one of the supporting business divisions of Zoomlion, which is specialized in the technical research and development, production and manufacturing and service support of the electronic control system of construction machinery products. As the nerve center of Zoomlion's products, the electric control technology company has increased its independent research and development efforts while actively cooperating with the design of the electronic control system of the host product

fruitful scientific and technological innovation

fault diagnosis system - Intelligent doctor of construction machinery: with the development of construction machinery industry, the degree of intelligence of equipment is getting higher and higher. In order to maintain the increasingly complex control system more quickly and accurately and provide reliable guarantee for the safe operation of equipment, it is urgent to develop an effective intelligent fault diagnosis system

the intelligent fault diagnosis system developed by electric control technology company is a set of engineering machinery fault diagnosis system based on industrial controller, which can realize the functions of intelligent monitoring of equipment operation, fault early warning, fault location, expert diagnosis library, remote assistance diagnosis and so on. At present, the intelligent fault diagnosis system has been successfully developed in pump truck products, and has been successfully promoted and transplanted to other construction machinery

double mechanism automatic leveling system: in the tower crane industry, when the load capacity is large and the lifting height is high, in order to avoid the situation that the volume of the single motor mechanism is large and the diameter of the steel wire rope is coarse, resulting in insufficient rope capacity of the drum, the more advanced method is to adopt the double mechanism design, and how to maintain the balance of the lifting appliance and prevent the inclination of the lifted items and even the overturning of the tower crane when lifting, It has always been the bottleneck restricting the design of double mechanism

the electric control technology company and the Jianqi Electric Control Research Institute have carried out a lot of market research and scientific research investment in this field. After a long time of on-site product evaluation, they finally successfully developed a dual mechanism automatic leveling system. The system fills the international gap with its automatic leveling, wireless transmission, solar power supply and other highlights, and technically far exceeds the manual leveling system of Botan company, the leading enterprise of international tower crane

the technologies of the double mechanism automatic leveling system, such as detecting the inclination angle of the spreader, automatically adjusting the corresponding motor speed, and always maintaining the balance of the spreader, have been fully verified in projects such as Ma'anshan Yangtze River Bridge and Wuhan yingwuzhou Yangtze River Bridge, and have been praised by customers

sewage regeneration and recycling electric control system: in 2012, Zoomlion launched zlj5250txse4 water recycling large-scale washing and cleaning vehicle, and its vehicle efficient sewage regeneration and recycling technology and electric control system are at the top of the industry

zlj5250txse4 electric control system adopts the distributed control technology of car washing and sweeping, which used to be made by clamping aluminum foil. Based on the one button automatic control technology of the original car washing and sweeping operation, it has developed an automatic control platform with multi-function feedback of "moistening, sweeping, washing, suction and filtration" which has been shut down and transferred by many enterprises; The distributed bus control technology is adopted, which breaks through the original washing and sweeping vehicle control technology and fills the gap in the industry; Aiming at the problems that the working point of the auxiliary engine of the original washing and sweeping vehicle is not in the best economic working area, and the operation subsystem is prone to excess or insufficient power, the power energy-saving matching technology of multiple operation subsystems is designed, so that the operation fuel consumption is reduced by 15.5% year-on-year

The advanced electronic control system of zlj5250txse4 has effectively defended the advantageous position of Zoomlion environmental sanitation machinery company as "the first brand of China's environmental sanitation machinery", adding new impetus to Zoomlion's further expansion of the international high-end market

drill pipe protection system - the God of rotary drilling rig: rotary drilling rig has become the main force of foundation pile hole construction because of its high efficiency and environmental protection. However, what annoys the users of rotary drilling rigs is that the drill pipe is prone to rod accidents. To solve this problem, the electric control technology company cooperated with the main engine department to develop a set of drill pipe protection system after half a year of research and repeated tests

the drill pipe protection system can detect the rod state of the drill pipe at the first time, and transmit the abnormal state of the drill pipe to the operator through a friendly human-computer interface, so as to timely remind the user that the drill pipe is abnormal, and when necessary, it can forcibly cut off the action in the dangerous direction to protect the drill pipe comprehensively

the drill pipe protection system solves the industry problems, brings great economic benefits to users, and greatly improves the market competitiveness of the company's rotary drilling rig products

ltu165 is equipped with perfect electrical control system: the ltu165 super large paver of pavement machinery company is an epoch-making product, which has broken two world records at the same time. Its configured electrical system has perfect performance in control performance, product quality, process and appearance design

ltu165 super large paver adopts the full bus design concept, and develops an advanced can bus full electronic data management system, which greatly facilitates the setting and adjustment of various parameters of the walking system and other operating systems, as well as the detection and alarm of various working data of the paver, and has an expert diagnosis system for automatic fault identification and troubleshooting; At the same time, it has the function of self-learning and memory. The new electric control system can keep the ltu165 paver in the best working condition

three dimensional wiring - assembly process is in line with the international standards: harness is called the neural network of electrical system. In order not to cause problems in this system, a new assembly process - harness three dimensional wiring is needed. 3D cabling is a new concept, which is only applied by famous foreign automobile companies at present. After continuous research and development and experiments by the electric control technology company, the harness 3D wiring has been successfully applied to Zoomlion zr420 rotary drill and achieved good results

3D wiring can be called a technological revolution in electrical wiring technology. The successful application of this technology has made a qualitative leap in the level of harness technology and provided a solid and reliable guarantee for the electrical system

intelligent management terminal: the "zero defect quality" strategy implemented by the electric control technology company has greatly increased the requirements for management level, and the existing management level cannot meet the actual needs. Therefore, the Information Technology Research Institute of electric control technology company has developed a new design scheme of intelligent management terminal for quality inspection, which marks that Zoomlion quality inspection has gradually entered the information age

the intelligent quality inspection system is an intelligent management platform integrating networking, digitization, intelligence and automation. Up to now, the intelligent quality inspection system has been successfully implemented in Zoomlion pump truck, harness, quality management and other products and relevant electrical departments

scientific and technological innovation standards first

with the rapid development of science and technology, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. The effective means for enterprises to deal with the competition in the process of growing is scientific and technological innovation. The development of enterprise standardization is actually an innovation. An advanced and reasonable standard system can promote the development of enterprises and maintain the best order and development benefits

the electric control technology company attaches great importance to standardization, and has applied for two blue No. 3 projects this year. They are "establishment of technical standard system of GS division" and "Research on series of standards of key electrical technologies", which cover six aspects: drawing, process, programming, grounding, fault diagnosis and human-computer interaction

the standardization work of the electric control technology company started late, the foundation is weak, and the standardization work experience is insufficient, but the relevant personnel overcome various difficulties, actively communicate, and actively learn good working methods and experience from the experienced main engine business department, making the standardization work make good progress in a relatively short time

as the saying goes: a good beginning is half the success. I believe that the electric control technology company will do better and better in the future standardization work

attach importance to patent mining and protection

in recent years, with the implementation of Zoomlion's intellectual property strategy, electric control automatic completion technology company has established ten part-time intellectual property teams in ten research institutes, which has made the intellectual property worksheet of electric control technology company show a high degree of vitality and develop its own characteristics

in 2011, the total number of patent applications of electric control technology company was 119, including 74 invention patents. As of August 2012, the total number of patent applications of electric control technology company was 120, including 90 invention patents. In terms of patent analysis, the electric control technology company has conducted special research on the boom technology of concrete machinery products, CIFA pump truck electric control technology, engineering machinery remote diagnosis system and intelligent electric control system. In terms of patent mining, the electric control technology company successfully completed the patent mining of concrete intelligent boom system, concrete sprayer control system, mixer control system, Jost technology electronic control integration patent mining, kitchen garbage truck control system patent mining, forming a total of 48 patent proposals

As the Patent Department of electric control technology company, the Division has made great efforts for the development of electrical patent work. In order to improve the innovation awareness of technicians and the quantity and quality of patent applications, patent engineers actively cooperate with the company's Intellectual Property Week activities, carry out patent training, and carry out targeted patent mining with each research institute as a unit, encouraging technicians to raise points before analyzing innovation, so as to effectively ensure the activity of patent proposals. In order to ensure patent management, information personnel build an internal patent platform in the company, share patent related knowledge, and upload relevant information about patent applications, so that the majority of technical personnel can timely understand the latest developments of the applied patents

from a small supporting production department to an independent business department covering the whole series of electrical products of Zoomlion, from a single and repeated supporting host electrical design to now embarking on a scientific and technological development road of independent innovation - the electric control technology company has constantly broken the Convention and adhered to innovation on the road of scientific and technological innovation, providing an endless source of power for the development of Zoomlion

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