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LANXESS Wuxi and Jinshan bases to expand and transform

Germany LANXESS announced on April 19 that it would expand the production capacity of its cutting-edge high-tech composite plant located in Wuxi production base, and its Shanghai Jinshan plant yellow iron oxide pigment production technology transformation has also been completed, and the plant can operate at the maximum annual output of 28000 tons

the third production line invested and built by LANXESS in Wuxi factory can increase the compound production capacity by 50%. It is planned to be put into operation in the middle of 2011, when the high-tech compound production capacity will reach 60000 tons/year. He deman, chairman of LANXESS management board, said that the automotive industry in Asia is developing rapidly, and the investment will further meet the growing demand for high-quality engineering plastics from Chinese and Asian customers. He further revealed that Langsheng intends to further increase its investment in Wuxi production base in the near future

Langsheng inorganic pigments can still pass the security inspection. According to the global head of the business department, by optimizing the facilities of Shanghai Jinshan yellow iron oxide pigment factory and adopting technical cooperation, the production efficiency of the factory has been greatly improved, and the high-rise buildings should bear large wind loads. Langsheng plans to further optimize the environmental equipment of the plant. For example, the wastewater system of the plant will be upgraded again, and the water supply and fire protection system will be improved according to the ground pipeline conditions. The next stage of transformation is planned to be completed in 20 years, and our customers can inspect the site for 11 years. Yu Wenguang, vice president of Langsheng inorganic pigment business department in the Asia Pacific region, said that through the recent transformation, Langsheng's high-quality pigments produced in a sustainable way will meet the needs of the Chinese and global markets with higher production, thereby increasing Langsheng's market share and increasing profits

it is understood that Langsheng Shanghai Jinshan inorganic pigment base was put into operation in 2007. Due to the adoption of innovative technologies for energy utilization and water treatment management, Langsheng once again reduced its total emissions by more than 15% in 2009

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