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LAN Pufeng assisted in the intelligent research and development of air conditioning units and released the programmable cloud kit of air conditioning units

in recent years, based on the general PLC hardware and software platform, and relying on the advantages of stable and scalable products, LAN Pufeng, a programmable controller manufacturer, has helped HVAC unit manufacturers improve equipment performance and product differentiation to meet customer needs

with the increasingly close integration of automation technology and the HVAC industry, and facing the challenge of the integration of big data, AI and other intelligence with the air conditioning industry, the molding shrinkage of air conditioning equipment: 0 8% of manufacturers urgently need to solve problems including data transparency, networking and cloud leveling, reducing operation and maintenance costs, shortening delivery cycles and so on. Therefore, using a single hardware structure or non general control platform of traditional unit controller can no longer meet the needs of unit manufacturers and users

on the basis of making full use of HVAC process experience and programmable control technology, LAN Pufeng developed a special control cloud suite solution for air conditioning units to help air conditioning unit manufacturers innovate. The cloud suite scheme is composed of customized air conditioner special controller rpc2001, programmable switch rpc2400, core algorithm library and cloud platform components. Engineers can optimize the automation control hardware of the unit in the past three years, standardize the data upload and display, complete the construction of the cloud platform, accelerate the development process, and complete the design of the new unit and deliver it to users within one month

in the scheme, the special controller rpc2001 for air conditioning can control the unit to enter the predetermined working condition faster. There are three serial ports on board, integrating 12 channels of switch input, 15 channels of switch output and 16 channels of analog input. The analog channel supports multiplexing mode and three types of NTC (thermistor), analog V and Ma to achieve high-precision acquisition

with innovative design methods, more than 100000 rpc2001 on-board foam granulation machines integrate 4-way electronic expansion valve drive interfaces to directly drive mainstream standard valves at home and abroad, such as Sanhua and Danfoss. Support multi-channel PID algorithm, and ensure the stability of valve regulation through intelligent optimization algorithm. No matter the stability, accuracy and volume of the hardware platform, rpc2001 shows a higher level of technology, and the scheme has been recognized by users in the industry

another advantage of the air conditioning unit control cloud kit is reflected in the multi unit cascade of the air conditioning unit. After that, the electromechanical control card generates the corresponding pulse frequency and pulse frequency change rate according to the instructions without adding any hardware equipment, the programmable off rpc2400 in the cloud kit is connected to the prc2001 combination, which can realize the cascade of 32 air conditioning units. Rpc2001 can be used as the master control to directly realize the cascade of 8 air conditioning units. On the premise of ensuring the leading performance of the unit, the scheme has significant economic and space advantages

the core algorithm library provided by the air conditioning unit control cloud kit is a programming development platform based on IEC standards, including two versions of standard air conditioning unit development kit and customized development kit

the development program of standard air conditioning units is highly mature and open. Air conditioning equipment manufacturers can directly design and develop in this scheme, reducing the whole development progress to 30%. The customized development kit is applicable to the secondary development of air-conditioning equipment manufacturers, program optimization, matching corresponding control algorithms for different units, and improving the energy efficiency ratio of units and product added value

the core algorithm library provides strong support for air conditioning equipment manufacturers to update and iterate by themselves and strengthen the core algorithm of the process. Based on the open programming platform, it can be updated quickly whether in the early or late stage of equipment development, which avoids the dependence on the controller manufacturer, and is also conducive to the construction of the core process algorithm library with intellectual property rights

with the release of the programmable control cloud kit of lanpufeng air conditioning unit, air conditioning equipment manufacturers can turn their focus to product research and development aimed at user experience, reduce the time of hardware platform construction, product design and system testing, and ensure the design ideal of intelligent air conditioning

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