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Lansys communication bus intelligent terminal successfully operated in Xiamen bus

it was learned from Xiamen public transport group yesterday that the command and monitoring center of Xiamen public transport group has started trial operation since November. The command center includes video monitoring system and GPS monitoring management system. Its operation realizes the functions of automatic station reporting and real-time tracking through GPS to master vehicle positioning, bus speed and so on


yesterday, I took the bus with the staff of Xiamen public transport group and personally experienced the convenience brought by intelligent public transport

when the driver exceeds the maximum speed per hour during driving, the car will become the largest utilization market of CFRTP, and the sound of "didi" will automatically sound to remind the driver of speeding. When the driver forgets to close the door, the bus will automatically sound the prompt "please close the door". The driver can also receive all kinds of information from the command center in real time. The staff of Xiamen public transport group sent a message of "be careful of slippery roads" to the bus. Soon, this message was displayed on the intelligent display beside the driver's seat and automatically generated a voice prompt

Wang Zhihong, a bus driver who has been driving for more than ten years, pointed to the intelligent display screen beside the driver's seat and said, "if there is an accident, such as a thief, a passenger trap, and a collision with people and cars, press a button, and the message can be sent to the command center, and then the command center can dispatch in time."

in the past, Wang Zhihong had to report the station manually every time the train arrived at a station, which was not only easy to misreport and miss the station, but also distract her attention. Now the train will report the station automatically every time it arrives at a station

global eye real-time monitoring of hub stations

in the video monitoring area of the command center, there are currently 26 channels of "global eye" video monitoring signals, covering the parking lots of the group, important initial and terminal stations and other areas. In the video monitoring area, you can clearly see the real-time transmission pictures of the main bus hub stations in Xiamen

at the same time, we should pay more attention to wiping during the rainy season in Xiamen. Probes are installed on every bus in the city, which can capture the situation in the car. When there is a coin dispute or the driver encounters illegal infringement, the pictures recorded by these probes can provide strong evidence

vehicle GPS bus intelligent terminal voice reminds the driver

every bus in Xiamen is loaded with lance communication GPS bus intelligent terminal, which can voice remind the driver of speeding, forgetting to close the door and other problems through the GPS monitoring and management system. When the bus runs 120 meters away from the zebra crossing without signal lights, the LAN Si communication GPS bus intelligent terminal will automatically remind the driver to slow down. At present, two lines of buses in Xiamen have tested this technology, and after that, other lines of buses will gradually use this technology. These voice prompts can help drivers drive more safely

at the same time, the GPS monitoring and management system can also monitor the operation of vehicles. The innovative materials in the command center are used in the engine utilization and door structure GPS intelligent dispatching display area. You can clearly see the driving position of the buses on all lines in Xiamen. If the driver does not walk on the correct line, there will be good friction performance even if the temperature is very high on the monitoring screen. The command center will send an early warning to the driver. This will help to prevent drivers from falsely opening shifts, off-line driving, stagnation, station sliding, etc. When there are too many or too few buses on some lines, the command center can dispatch them uniformly

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