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Lansi intelligent monitoring and dispatching system adds bricks and bricks to Shaowu taxi. <5. Polysulfone is close to Newtonian body in the molten state/p>

materials are cross stacked in a right angle situation. In order to adapt to the continuous development of urban traffic and people's demand for taxi safety, it is very necessary to establish a unified, efficient, unobstructed and universal taxi monitoring and dispatching system with a wide range of business opportunities, which is undoubtedly huge. Therefore, Lansi communication company has designed a set of intelligent monitoring and scheduling system specially used for taxi vehicles

at present, the system has been successfully applied to the Shaowu taxi project in Nanping. It is designed to improve the management efficiency of taxi companies and ensure the personal safety of drivers. The two cameras in the car monitor the situation inside the car and outside the car. In addition to allowing the taxi company to monitor the specific location and passenger carrying situation of the company's vehicles, which are convenient for enterprises to manage and dispatch their own vehicles and drivers, the on call function of the system can effectively reduce the no-load rate of vehicles, reduce fuel consumption and increase labor income. The system terminal is also connected with a meter, which is convenient for drivers to charge, and also ensures the interests of passengers. At the same time, its 3G video monitoring function can effectively deter criminals who plan to commit crimes in taxis, and provide security for taxi drivers who are often in danger. In addition, the system also has the function of wireless transmission of operation data to realize the daily operation of taxi enterprises. According to statistical analysis, the management of taxi enterprises is modernized and intelligent

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