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LANXESS uses new rubber technology to cope with climate change

on March 17, Dr. Joachim grub, head of CIS polybutadiene rubber business department of LANXESS, Germany, delivered a speech entitled "from petrochemical products, the project is located in the hot spring industrial park in Jiaokou County, Shanxi Province to fuel-efficient vehicles - challenges to competition and regulation 3. Limit protection: electronic limit. War" at the Fifth China rubber market development forum and the 2010 World Rubber Summit Forum. He said that LANXESS was using innovative rubber technology to actively respond to the challenges of global climate change

Dr. krub listed Langsheng's technical measures and methods to improve the environment: improving green tires through cutting-edge rubber chemistry, achieving resource conservation through tire retreading, using processing oil without polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons to improve consumer health, tire labeling system and other environmental legislation to further reduce the fuel consumption of high-performance rubber, and using special elastomers to promote the development of electric vehicles

Dr. Krupp said that as a leading manufacturer of the global synthetic rubber industry, LANXESS has long been committed to the R & D, manufacturing and marketing of high-performance rubber and chemicals, striving to improve energy efficiency and improve the health level of consumers on the basis of maintaining the performance of rubber. LANXESS firmly believes that the grand goal of global environmental protection must be solved through the adoption of new technologies and the development of innovative rubber solutions

Dr. krub also explained the important role of special elastomers in the field of new energy vehicles. High torque motors need special elastomers to ensure that they can still cope with long-term high acceleration while providing necessary traction

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